Best Audio mods for Red Dead Redemption 2

Friendlier NPC Greets

Friendlier NPC Greets for Red Dead Redemption 2

Have you ever spent a lot of time and effort to get a cool outfit from the trapper, only to become the laughingstock of the town? Ever accidentally look at someone funny and suddenly become public enemy number one according to the townspeople? This Mod Changes All That. Now Whenever You Greet An NPC Or…

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RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack

RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption 2

To use this mod you will need to download the Red dead radio mod Remembering that this will not replace the standard soundtrack of the game, you will only have an mp3 player within the game that you can play the songs from the Red Dead Revolver. To install you need to place the files…

Download RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack 

MY Epilogue Saves

MY Epilogue Saves for Red Dead Redemption 2

IMPORTANT: All Bandit Challenges Completed! No Legendary Animals Hunted! Maximum Honor As Arthur! The Stranger Missions I’ve Done As Arthur: Help a Brother Out. Brothers And Sisters One and All. Of Men and Angels. Do Not Seek Absolution I & II, All Charlotte Balfour missions (The widow missions) The Veteran I & II. (One Left)…

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