Cores Regen Over Time Effect for RDR2

Cores Regen Over Time for Red Dead Redemption 2

I always felt as though spamming food items to instantly restore your core, and thus quickly regenerating your rings was a tad cheesy, Thus this mod was created.

How It Works:
Core affecting Items now have their effects applied over time, specifically 1 point every second.
Since Cores in Red Dead Redemption 2 are on a 0-100 scale, this means that if your core is empty, and you consume enough items to fully restore your core, it will take 100 Seconds to completely finish its effects.

✔ Core Preview ✔ If your weapon wheel is open, your cores will display what their value After regeneration
✔ NPC Support ✔ Although NPCs do not use items without mods, this provides a framework for other mods and support for your horse unmodded
✔ Stacking ✔ What happens if you consume multiple items? The regeneration is briefly halted when you consume items, after you finish, all the items you consumed will eventually be regenerated, your precious rum will not be wasted
✔ Upwards Cap ✔ If you consume every item in your inventory, you will not be granted an absurd amount of regeneration it, caps out after your core reaches 100, I felt as though if I did not implement this, you essentially could always keep regen ongoing, thus I disabled this behavior.

Authors: Juliet G


Juliet G

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