Best Maps mods for Red Dead Redemption 2

Fisherman’s BAY – Guarma

Fisherman’s BAY – Guarma for Red Dead Redemption 2

Guarma is a stark change to the gritty mainland of RDR2. This map mod takes the island of Guarma and adds an element of paradise to it. The Fisherman bay is just one of many Guarma map mods I’ve planned. Previously I created a ‘House in Guarma’ Map mod. You need to download Lambda’s map…

Download Fisherman’s BAY – Guarma 

Arthur’s Safe House

Arthur’s Safe House for Red Dead Redemption 2

I added many objects inside the house to create a more realistic effect. I also put a small garden in front of the house. When loading the map, please wait 10 seconds because there are many objects to load. This is my first map but it’s not finished yet. I hope you like it. In…

Download Arthur’s Safe House