DR2 – Intro Completed Legendary Save File By Sprut for RDR2

DR2 – Intro Completed Legendary Save File By Sprut for Red Dead Redemption 2

This is the save from right after the intro (prologue).

ARTHUR – Level 10/10 (legally wearing the “Legend of the East” outfit).
HORSE – Level 10/10 (Arabic, reached max. Level of trust).

COLLECTED: – All types of weapons + installed all improvements and upgrades.
✔ All 44/44 outfits and all hunter’s clothes + all equipment + “Legend of the East”.
✔ All talismans and amulets.
✔ All rock carvings 10/10 ✔ (send by mail).
✔ All Dinosaur Notes 30/30 ✔ (send by mail).
✔ All Dream Catchers 20/20 ✔ (left to visit the cave).
✔ All treasure maps 22/22 ✔ (the treasures themselves were not collected).
✔ All books 23/23, all letters 86/86, all flyers 11/11, all posters.
✔ All Scraps of newspapers 31/31, all notes 28/28, all photographs 15/15, maps 4/4.
✔ All newspapers 42/42.
✔ All Recipes 28/28.
✔ All items for your gang ✔ (must be given to all characters).
✔ All cigarette cards 144/144 ✔ (send by mail).
✔ All kinds of plants and flowers + quest ✔ (send by mail).
✔ All quest items “Hunter’s Requests” ✔ (send by mail).
✔ All bags, holsters and bandoliers.

Found all the huts, all interesting places open, all gang lairs, the map is fully open.
The gang camp is completely improved by 100%.
Compendium: – 100%, all challenges completed – 90/90 (100%).

Let me remind you that you get all this “miracle” at the beginning of the game.

Happy hunting and pleasant game to everyone.

P.S. All missions of the prologue are completed for the Gold Medal.


Author: SPRUT



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