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If you’re looking for The Sims 4 mods, you’re in the right place. The Sims 4 is the life simulation game that gives you the power to create and control people. Experience the creativity, humor, escape, and the freedom to play with life in The Sims 4. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Sims 4 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.
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Shari Hairstyle

Shari Hairstyle for The Sims 4

New Mesh 36 colors All lods HQ compatible Hats compatible a messy updo bun Origin of Mesh: Mesh completely made by myself Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh Polycount LOD 0 (highest): 31103 Polycount LOD 1: 9330 Polycount LOD 2: 2798 Polycount LOD 3 (lowest): 839 Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

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Chauffeur Vintage Career

Chauffeur Vintage Career for The Sims 4

A vintage Career as a Chauffuer I’ve never found any careers that were vintage, so i decided to make some for myself. And upload them for other vintage lovers. oops thought I posted this awhile back… Base Game Is All That’s Needed! Tested and working with Chauffeur Career Everyone needs transportation, even you. With…

Download Chauffeur Vintage Career 

Referencess Modifier

Referencess Modifier for The Sims 4

Central Idea: Modify The Change Rate Of: Relationship (Friend and/or Romance), Fame, Reputation, Career performance, School progress and/or Skills. For example, you can reduce the game weakening that occurs when playing with a long lifespan by using this mod. Major Features: You can multiply or divide the change rate of any parameters shown above by…

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Bicycle For Kids And Toddler

Bicycle For Kids And Toddler for The Sims 4

Since bike coming in the sims 4, there no bike for kids and toddler, and bike only for adult sims. So, this mod allow your kids and toddler sim can ride bike. This mod includes: ✔ Toddler Tricycle with 5 colors ✔ Toddler bike with basket with 8 colors ✔ Standart toddler bike/ no basket,…

Download Bicycle For Kids And Toddler 

Helaene – Emotional Socials

Helaene – Emotional Socials for The Sims 4

This mod adds 60+ new social interactions which are dependent on your Sim’s emotional state. As this is a script mod, you must enable script mods in your game options, and both files must be nested no more than one folder level inside your Mods folder. All-new social interactions are contained in new category pie…

Download Helaene – Emotional Socials 

Kerry TOP

Kerry TOP for The Sims 4

Simple crop top for your sims, enjoy. new mesh all LOD custom thumbnail low poly 20 swatches HQ compatible feel free to recolor but do not include the mesh. Type: Tops Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh Polycount LOD 0 (highest): 4k Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

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LA Luna

LA Luna for The Sims 4

Have You Ever Slept In A House With The Shape Of The Moon? You Don’t, But Your Sims Can! Work Hard And Live With The Best View Of Del Sol Valley. La Luna Is Coming For You! Lot Size: 64×64 Lot Price (furnished): 497415 Lot Price (unfurnished): 233782

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