Acrobat Career for SIMS4

Acrobat Career for The Sims 4

This mod will add the ‘Acrobat’ career to your game.
There is one branch with 10 levels.

This career is based on: TS3’s Acrobat Profession

You Will Need:
Get Famous – Acting Skill
Get To Work
Spa Day – Wellness Skill

All skills needed to advance: Acting, Charisma, Comedy, Fitness and Wellness

Job Description:
Dramatic, athletic and flexible? Acrobats use their bodies to perform tricks that stun, dazzle and amuse audience after audience. You’ll need jelly limbs, a head like a rock, and an iron will to succeed on stage.

1- Aspiring Mime
§23/h │4pm to 9pm│ – – – – F S S
To become a world class acrobat you’ll need to perform all types of physical feats. You’ve decided to start with miming as it teaches balance and body control. It’s a great way to attract a crowd but that doesn’t mean it’ll start raining simoleons.

2- Novice Juggler
§28/h │1pm to 8pm│ – T W T F S –
Now That You’ve Mastered The Art Of Mime, You’re Ready To Juggle A Few More Tricks Into Your Act!

3- Performance Artist
§32/h │7pm to 2am│ – T – – F S S
The word is spreading, and Sims are coming from all over town to see you perform. Keep practicing and performing, and opportunities will soon come knocking.

4- Contortionist
§38/h │5pm to 12am│ – T W – F S –
You’re Expanding Your Repertoire Of Entertaining Exploits, You’re On Your Way To Fame And Fortune!

5- Ace of Agility
§63/h │7pm to 12am│ – T W – F S –
Adding astounding contortion to your act amazed audiences. You’re rising from a street performer to a Performance Artiste.

6- Novice Balancer
§69/h │12pm to 6pm│ M T – T F S –
Now You’ll Take Your Stage Performance To New Heights Literally! Performing Atop The Balance Ball Is Demanding And Dangerous, But It’s Sure To Thrill Audiences!

7- Master of Balance
§77/h │5pm to 2am│ M T – T F S –
With Your Balancing Act Added To The Miming, Juggling And Twirling, Your Versatility Is Truly Impressive!

8- Firefly
§124/h │9pm to 3am│ M T W – F S –
You’ve Been Playing With Fire For A While Now, But Nothing Is As Spectacular As The Legendary Giant Ring Of Fire!

9- Fire Dancer
§258/h │10pm 3am│ M T W – F S –
Your Fiery Performances Are The Hottest Ticket In Town! All Your Hard Work And Dedication Are Finally Paying Off, And You Earned It!

10- Master Acrobat
§471/h │6pm to 11pm│ – – W T F S –
It’s Not Easy To Become A Famous Acrobat, But You’ve Done It! Your Feats Of Strength And Fearlessness Are Legendary, And Your Shows Are Standing Room Only! Congrats!

Career tested on version:

Author: FabiolaTheRebel



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