House / Lots mods for The Sims 4

Best Sims 4 House / Lots Mods

The Century-By Metamorp

The Century-By Metamorp for The Sims 4

There’s just something about mid-century builds that give off that retro feel. From the mid-’40s to the end of the ’60s, the architectural structure and interior design revolved mainly around early modern European (mainly German) themes after the second World War. Because of this, mid-century became very popular and high in demand for wealthy families….

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Tropicalia House

Tropicalia House for The Sims 4

You can either buy this house for your Sim or just spend a full week on a vacation. Believe me, you won’t get bored. The house is beautiful, but the surroundings are breathtaking, I am sure you will spend more time outside, swimming in the open pool/ ocean, than inside. Lot Size: 40×30 Lot Price…

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Celebrity Modern Mansion

Celebrity Modern Mansion for The Sims 4

Here I am with another huge mansion for your rich/ celebrity Sim or just a Sim that use motherlode. Has a huge hall with a rounded aquarium and lots of platforms to play with. About It: Size: 64×64 City: Del Sol Valley Price: 1.213.563 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 7 Gym: 1 Kitchen: 1 Living Room: 1…

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MAD MEN Fall House

MAD MEN Fall House for The Sims 4

MAD MEN FALL is an amazing penthouse inspired by Don and Megan apartment. This lovely house features a beautiful open space with living area, a kitchen and a dining room, plus an office, a play room, a bowling alley, two bedrooms, three bathrooms and terraces with some attractions. Please, use code bb.moveobjects on before you…

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The Dive House

The Dive House for The Sims 4

Located in the Shady Acres neighborhood of Strangerville on the Creek Corner Cove lot this house is floating high up on a cliff and offers incredible views into the surrounding valley. It offers 1 bed/1bath, two huge terraces with rich planting, a pool, hot tub and earth-tone interiors. Ascend the stairs from the street to…

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