Best Objects mods for The Sims 4

Play Blankets

Play Blankets for The Sims 4

I like the play tent that came with Dream Home Decorator, but I needed something more versatile. A comfy blanket I could just put on the floor, under the bunk beds, inside my own built playhouse or treehouse, in a gazebo…etc. These blankets work like the Play Tent, but they also have the footprint of…

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Phone – Apple Iphone X

Phone – Apple Iphone X for The Sims 4

The all new iPhone by Apple. Hey Guys! I’m Back Again With Another Phone! This Time, With A Little Bit Of Anticipation From The Release Date In The Real World, Here’s The Amazing IPhone X! Not Gonna Lie, This One Took Me More Than Expected. School Has Started Since A Month Now And It Got…

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Iphone 12

Iphone 12 for The Sims 4

Looking for the latest phone replacement in Sims 4 this year – such as the new iPhone 12? Check out below! Edit 11/2/2020: Added mirror download link (Mega) as advised because I got some DMs that SimFileShare is not working & having Bad Gateway error lately. Apologies for that tech issue. Apple recently had a…

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H&B Miniwave – Counter Slot Oven

H&B Miniwave – Counter Slot Oven for The Sims 4

01/06/21: THE SIMS 4 DREAM HOME DECORATOR PATCH BROKE STOVES WITH CUSTOM TUNING. THIS STOVE HAS BEEN FIXED, PLEASE REDOWNLOAD NEW BUILT-IN OVEN Unleash The Power Wave With The H&B MiniWave. This Compact Oven Offers The Signature PowerWave Technology By H&B In A Smaller Format To Save Space In The Kitchen! EXCLUSIVELY Slots to counters….

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Egoista Pillows Satin

Egoista Pillows Satin for The Sims 4

Pillows satin from my Egoista bedroom set, you can find it easy in your game by typing Winner9 or Egoista in search tab. Comes in 6 swatches and costs 1 $. ✔ Base game. ✔ New mesh by me. ✔ Custom thumbnails. Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh

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Deadly Poisons Mod V0.5 (Beta)

Deadly Poisons Mod V0.5 (Beta) for The Sims 4

I have been looking for a long and unsuccessful mod that would have made a functioning Gameplay to the poison possible. Since I haven’t found anything, I did it myself. Now I’m going to introduce it to you… Please don’t take this mod seriously! I do not propagate suicides! It’s just black humor… What does…

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IKEA Home Stuff (V3)

IKEA Home Stuff (V3) for The Sims 4

Hey all! I’m so excited to release my latest project: THE SIMS 4 IKEA HOME STUFF! Now your sims can decorate their homes, with affordable, stylish furniture from IKEA. 68 brand new items, including sofas, beds, dressers, lights, decor: everything you need to make your home happy. NOTES: 1) EVERYTHING has been playtested within the game. 2) I added A…

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Teen Style Stuff!

Teen Style Stuff! for The Sims 4

THE SIMS 4 TEEN STYLE STUFF PACK! Give your teen Sims everything they need to express their individual style with all-new furniture and décor items. Whether They’re “Goth”, “Thrasher”, Or “Socialite”, Let Them Deck Out Their Entire Lives In Three Teen Themes As Unique As They Are! NOTES: 1) EVERYTHING Has Been Playtested Within The…

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