Best Objects mods for The Sims 4

Umbrella Stand Collection

Umbrella Stand Collection for The Sims 4

I Have Been Working On This Project For SOOO Long. Too Long In Fact. My Project Folder Has A Creation Date Of February 2020! Anywho, the whole reason I started on this project is because I was disappointed that EA only gave us one style of umbrella stand with Seasons and the fact that it…

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Sony PS5 SET (Functional)

Sony PS5 SET (Functional) for The Sims 4

Now you will be more jealous of your sims! Time to ditch those blocky, unpopular consoles, cause the Sony PS5 is here! Basic needs? Social life? Love? Parenting? Who needs all of those when you’ve got a PS5? Watch your sim knock himself out with this next-gen console and have his neglected baby whisked away…

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PS5 Dualsense Controller Override (Functional)

PS5 Dualsense Controller Override (Functional) for The Sims 4

Time To Replace That Blocky Game Controller, The DualSense Is Here! Built With The Latest Haptic Feedback And Adaptive Trigger Technology, Your Sims Will Have A Blast Playing With This Awesome Device. Now Your Sims Would Think Twice Before Throwing These Around After A Frustrating Match! DISCLAIMER: Original controller mesh is by Freddie Drabble from…

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Usable Caravan / Trailer

Usable Caravan / Trailer for The Sims 4

SMB Usable Caravan- Decoration, sculptures cost,1000 SMB HOLE- A base game edit frame to hide interior walls where needed 3 squares wide I am looking to improve a solution for the next caravan. Item description This item is designed to cover a small 3×10 square lot to kind of give your sims the the chance…

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