Other mods for The Sims 4

Best Sims 4 Other Mods

NO More Nature’s Revenge

NO More Nature’s Revenge for The Sims 4

This mod has two flavors; it will either completely remove the Nature’s Revenge moodlet from your game, or it will half your chance of getting it. Nature’s Revenge moodlet is triggered by eating a harvestable in an Off-the-Grid lot. You will either get this moodlet, which gives you +2 Uncomfortable as well as increased bladder…

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Instant Makeup Mod

Instant Makeup Mod for The Sims 4

Tired Of Using A Big Vanity Table In Your Little House? Here Is The Solution! With Instant Makeup Mod, you will be able to makeup your Sims instantly (Vintage Glamour pack is required). Objects are moveable in live mode. You can also remove the makeup. If you use a custom makeup or skin it is…

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Vegetal Meat Cube CAN BE Sold ON Retail Lots And Storage ON Retail Fridge

Vegetal Meat Cube CAN BE Sold ON Retail Lots And Storage ON Retail Fridge for The Sims 4

On my path to make the best grocery store for my game, I stepped on this “issue”. Apparently, EA forgot to enable the retail system options on products from the eco-lifestyle meat wall. So I enabled it. With this mod installed, it will be possible to sell and buy meat (normal or jerky) on retail…

Download Vegetal Meat Cube CAN BE Sold ON Retail Lots And Storage ON Retail Fridge 

NO More Bills

NO More Bills for The Sims 4

This mod removes all bills from the sims 4, I specifically made it because I was getting insanely high bills on a cheap house so if you are having a similar issue this may be what you need. This mod makes it so you will not have to pay property tax or water/electricity AT ALL.

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(NO) Bicycle Helmet

(NO) Bicycle Helmet for The Sims 4

I’ve cycled 1000s of kilometers a year for many years without any of the sorts… as have the majority of the world that cycles: so I’ve made it possible for sims to do so too. And I’ve added the helmet to CAS so responsible American style sims can have their helmet whenever they want. NoBikeHelmet…

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Cheater Mod 02

Cheater Mod 02 for The Sims 4

If like me, you don’t want to write code in the cheats console, here is version 3 of the Cheater mod. This mod still in development (WIP) will allow you from another to hide and review the Plumbob, to have money (Motherlode, Rosebud and add 2500$) and can activate and desactivate the cheat code (testingCheats…

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Faster Skills

Faster Skills for The Sims 4

This mod makes skills progress faster. Comes In Multiple Flavors (feel Free To Ask If You Want More) : 2 times faster 4 times faster 8 times faster ONLY PICK ONE. Instructions : Unzip the downloaded file, pick whichever flavor you prefer and place it in your Mods folder. Will Conflict With Any Mod That…

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