Best Other mods for The Sims 4

Archaeology KIT

Archaeology KIT for The Sims 4

The Archaeology Kit Mod Expands The Sims 4 Archaeology Features From Jungle Adventure To Work In Every Region (even Batuu). Your Sim Archaeologist Can Now Find Region-appropriate Artifacts Drawn From Sims Lore In Any World. Find Medieval Artifacts In The Ruins In Windenburg And Pirate Treasure On The Sandbars Of Sulani! Features: Archaeologists of skill…

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Pride Plumbob

Pride Plumbob for The Sims 4

This mod replaces the original green plumbob with the pride rainbow version. Simple as that. !!! INSTALLATION !!! FIRST: 1. Put the PridePlumbob_SimMattically.package file in your Mods folder. THEN: 2. Go to your main The Sims 4 installation folder and then navigate to: Game/Bin/ 3. There should be a file named Default.ini, make a backup…

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Functional Pottery Wheel

Functional Pottery Wheel for The Sims 4

Mod Info: Adds a new crafting station complete with a 10 level skill, several custom buffs and a new craftable – pottery. CATALOGUE DETAILS – Search for ‘Pottery Wheel‘ in the search bar to find the machine Name – Pottery Wheel Location – Misc Appliances, Outdoor Activity, Hobbies Price – 750 simoleons Off The Grid…

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More Sims In The World

More Sims In The World for The Sims 4

Previously Created By Arkeus17, This Mod Adds More Sims Around The World, Whether Walking Around The Neighborhood Or On Community Lots. Highly Recommended For Use With “No Empty Space On Arrival” And “Improved Autonomy When Loading Screens” By Weerbesu, This Will Take Gameplay To The Next Level! Don’t forget, to generate more than 20 sims,…

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Physical/Mental Health System Overhaul-Illnesses, Blood Types, Dieting, And More V1.1

Physical/Mental Health System Overhaul-Illnesses, Blood Types, Dieting, And More V1.1 for The Sims 4

Hewwo!! Moon here back with another mod. This is a very cool mod that I have wanted to make for a while.. however I never had the courage to.. basically I just did this because I have way more courage now. I felt brave enough to make this mod. Anyways this mod brings a more…

Download Physical/Mental Health System Overhaul-Illnesses, Blood Types, Dieting, And More V1.1 

Fairy Mod / Trait

Fairy Mod / Trait for The Sims 4

UPDATE: I finally got custom interactions to work. The interactions are “Talk About Fairies”, “Show Off Flying Abilities” (I couldn’t get the animation to work so they don’t actually fly ), “Brag About Flying”, “Complain About Fairy Problems”, “Enthuse About Fairy Land”, and “Talk About Flying Training”. I noticed the Nyx fairy mod was outdated…

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Cast Spells Tuning

Cast Spells Tuning for The Sims 4

This is a scripting mod. I feel that some spells are not very convenient for me to cast. There are some new or better ways to work in this mod. Delicioso_Inventory Click yourself to cast the spell and get some food in your inventory. Delicioso_PetBowl_EP04 Fill pet bowl. (Required: EP04 Cats & Dogs) Duplicato_Sims Clone…

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