5 Traits; Charming, Dramatic, Gearheart, Space Cadet, Insightful for SIMS4

5 Traits; Charming, Dramatic, Gearheart, Space Cadet, Insightful for The Sims 4

This is a pack of 5 traits. As one includes the acting skill, you will need Get to Work EP for this mod.

“Some sims just have a little extra “something” that can bring a smile to other sim’s faces.”
These sims have an easier time building both friendly and romantic relationships. They have 2 unique social interactions. They randomly become confident and build charisma skill faster than other sims. They have whims to become confident, flirty, and learn charisma. This is a young adult through elder trait.

“Sometimes this cruel, cruel world needs someone with a dramatic flair. Or at least, that’s what this sim thinks.”
These sims have 4 unique social interactions. They get a small boost in learning charisma but a large boost to the acting skill. They will randomly become both happy and sad, though these moodlets don’t last long due to the inconsistent nature of a dramatic person. They build both romantic and friendly relationships faster, however, they also lose more relationship for negative interactions. Their moodlets will be stronger than the average sim. They have whims to learn charisma and acting and to perform acting interactions. This is a teen through elder trait.

“This sim is passionate about anything having to do with mechanics and handiness.”
These sims build rocket and handiness skills faster. They have 3 unique social interactions. They will randomly become focused and have whims relating to building rockets and handiness skill. This is a teen through elder trait.

Space Cadet
“This sim loves, LOVES everything having to do with space.”
These sims adore anything related to space! They have small boosts to learning logic and handiness, but a large boost to learning rocketry. They have 4 unique social interactions. They randomly become inspired by thinking about space. They get especially focused when building rocketry skill and get especially happy about whoo-hooing in space. They get whims related to rockets. This is a teen through elder trait.

“This sim is more insightful and perceptive than most sims.”
These sims build logic faster than most sims. They have 2 unique socials, including “Ask Insightful Question” which has a high chance of letting the sim learn one of the other sim’s personality traits (note: only works with base game traits and traits included in this pack. If I can figure out how to program it to include other custom traits I will change it, but currently I don’t know if that’s even possible.) They lose social need a little faster than most sims. This is a teen through elder trait.

I hope you enjoy these traits! Happy simming!

Note on my older trait packs: I’m currently working on updating them so they function again. So if you’re a fan of those, know I haven’t forgotten about them. It’s just there’s a lot of them and updating them is tedious work so it’s going to take me a while to get them all done.

Author: jessienebulous



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