6 Traits; Modder, Baker, ZEN Seeker, Fantastical, Sweet, Simtuber for SIMS4

6 Traits; Modder, Baker, ZEN Seeker, Fantastical, Sweet, Simtuber for The Sims 4

Here I present my latest work; 6 custom traits. As one uses the baking skill, you will need the Get to Work EP for this pack. Just download to your mods folder, unzip, and enjoy!

“Most sims just play games. Modders tweak them until they bend!”
Sims have a large boost to learning programming and a small boost to video gaming skill. They do well in the Tech Guru career. They have 3 unique social interactions. They get moodlets from programming and playing video games. This is a teen through elder trait.

Zen Seeker
“This sim seeks inner peace and an understanding of their place in the world.”
They learn the wellness, herbalism and gardening skills faster than most sims, have unique social interactions, and get powerful moodlets from contemplative activities. Teen through elder trait.

“Some sims are just born to bake!”
They learn baking and both cooking skills faster than other sims, get powerful moodlets from baking, do well in the Culinary career, and have unique social interactions. Teen through elder trait.

“From griffins to white knights, this sim is crazy for all things fantasy-related.”
They excel in creative skills like writing and painting and while they form relationships normally, they to tend to get on people’s nerves sometimes, with all their fantasy talk. They also have unique social interactions. Child through elder trait.

“These sims live for Simtube, and want to become a star on the platform.”
They learn the media production skill faster than other sims, and love to talk about their channel. They get powerful moodlets related to media production and have unique socials. A teen through elder trait.

“This sim is sugary sweet, and while most people appreciate that, it can sometimes get on other sim’s nerves!”
They build relationships faster but because they’re so sensitive they take negative interactions more personally, losing more relationship than the average sim would. They have unique social interactions. They will get angry less often but will feel even more embarrassed when things go awry in social situations. Child through elder trait.

Author: jessienebulous



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