Dale Heir / Spare Traits for SIMS4

Dale Heir / Spare Traits for The Sims 4

Update 09/10/2021: A min_lod value that has been missing hitherto is now in the traits, in an effort to minimize last exceptions. A Lumpinou’s Mood Pack variation has also been added, to make transferal of updates easier for later.

Next on the docket: integrating a suggestion made to have the heir have potentially mixed feelings about their own heirship!

After the mess that my last two trait packs have been to maintain, I decided to keep it comparatively simple – for now – with this one (and the next, on which more anon). Simmers who play legacies have to keep a track of a lot of spares and heirs per generation, and what better way to do so than in game? They function as reward traits, costing 100SP apiece; a Sim can only have one or the other.

Two Mischief interactions, one per trait – Tease the Spare and Tease the Heir respectively. Each interaction also has five notification-based responses, so look out for those!
Heirs cause Spares to have one of three proximity buffs around them, depending on the Spare’s trait composition.

This trait does not currently affect autonomy or need decay, nor does it currently have any whims or statistic multipliers. If there is anything that you feel needs adding, please let me know!

Author: DaleRune



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