Restore Career Track for SIMS4

Restore Career Track for The Sims 4

Hi all! So, I ran into this bug a long time ago: if you go through a complete career in one branch, you won’t get a reward in the other branch. I even had to start a new game because of this, simply because I can’t create food in fabrication. This scripting mod doesn’t completely fix this bug, but it does allow you to get those very career rewards. The last time this was in the Change Career Branch mod, but unfortunately, that patch doesn’t work.

It is recommended that your level in your career be 10. This is optional, but necessary, as there is a small chance that you will not get a reward in the first level after branching out your career.

How do I download this mod and restore my career?
1. Download the mod and upload the .ts4script to the Mods folder;
2. Start the game and select the Sim for which you want to restore the career;
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+C and enter this code: onebeld.sim.restore_career_track
4. Done! Now you should get all the missing rewards.

For those who want to know how a mod works:
Every Sim has a career history. As I understand it, it stores the current career level, the current career branch, the last career level before dismissal, and other things. To get an award, you just have to change… the last career level. You just have to make the last career level lower or equal to the current career level. Because of this, the player did not get any awards in the other branch.

CC included
Restore Career Track by Onebeld

Author: Onebeld



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