The Custom Whims Mod for SIMS4

The Custom Whims Mod for The Sims 4

Change Log:
~ August 27th 2021 ~ Updated Russian translation.

I Love Playing A Whim-based Game And, With The Popularity Of The Personality Mod, I Wanted To Be Able To Work More With Custom Whims And Try And Add Some New Direction To Them In A Series Of Manageable Mods. Additionally, I Want Other Modders To Be Able To Make Use Of These Whims For Their Own Mods. So This Is The Custom Whims Mod!

What Does It Do?
The whims in this mod have been split off from The Personality Mod and now have their own package. This mod now will have new whims added to it often to fit in with some of my other mods.
The whims on their own won’t do anything in game; you need mods that add custom whimsets using these whims installed for them to show up. This mod literally just contains custom whims; it’s whimsets that cause the whims to show. Mods that use these whims in their whimsets include: The Personality Mod.

The Technical Details
The mod is Base Game Compatible. Various whims do require other packs but while they will still show up, they won’t cause any errors or crashes.

The Mod Currently Supports The Following Translations:
English (Me)
Chinese (GreenOnionC)
Danish (Josie)
Dutch (Britt Boons)
French (Kimikosoma)
German (Hendrik McSims)
Italian (Isy)
Polish (webkinzfrog)
Portuguese (Viniciusvill)
Russian (Origamika Group)
Spanish (Sabrina Garcia)

Known Issues
No known issues at this time.

This mod doesn’t conflict with any other mods at this time.

For Modders
If you’re here because another mod has guided you over here, you can skip this section.
If You’re Interested In Using These Whims In Your Mod, Then This Is The Section For You!

Inside this mod, you’ll find all the whims I’ve created. I’m more than happy for you to reference these whims inside your own custom whimsets. If you do use them, please Do Not include this package: instead, link back to this page and let your downloaders know they’ll need this package for the new whims to show up.

Final Note
I want to give thanks to everyone in the community for their support and encouragement for the creation of these mods. I especially want to thank ChippedSim, Marco, Midiar and chingyu1023 for their help and assistance as I’ve been creating the new whims and for their ideas and suggestions.
All Feedback Is Welcome, So Please Don’t Be Afraid To Drop A Comment. Any Issues, Please Let Me Know And I’ll Do My Best To Solve Them!

Midiar and chingyu1023 for the suggestion of splitting this into a separate mod to allow other modders to make use of the whims with ease.
ChippedSim for helping me troubleshoot with tuning errors.
Marco For Helping Getting Targeted Whims To Work!
The creators of Sims 4 Studio
Sabrina Garcia, Britt Boons, Kimikosoma, Hendrik McSims, Viniciusvill, Webkinzfrog, Origamika, Isy, Josie And GreenOnionC For Translating!

Author: missyhissy



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