Best Toddler mods for The Sims 4

Yaara Hair V4

Yaara Hair V4 for The Sims 4

✔ Maxis Match ✔ Base game compatible ✔ Hat compatible ✔ Toddler ✔ 15 EA swatches ✔ Compatible with the Color Sliders mod Origin of Mesh: Edited EA mesh Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh Polycount LOD 0 (highest): 5K Polycount LOD 1: 3K Polycount LOD 2: 2K Polycount LOD 3 (lowest): 1K…

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Bicycle For Kids And Toddler

Bicycle For Kids And Toddler for The Sims 4

Since bike coming in the sims 4, there no bike for kids and toddler, and bike only for adult sims. So, this mod allow your kids and toddler sim can ride bike. This mod includes: ✔ Toddler Tricycle with 5 colors ✔ Toddler bike with basket with 8 colors ✔ Standart toddler bike/ no basket,…

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Cute AS H*CK Toddler Tees

Cute AS H*CK Toddler Tees for The Sims 4

INFO: Type: Standalone Maxis recolor DLC: None, Base game compatible. Catalog Category: Upper Body, Tee Shirts Age: Toddler Gender: Unisex/All In-Game Situation Categories: Athletic, Everyday, Sleepwear, Hot Weather, Situation Occult: All Allowed Random: Yes, random sims can use/generate it. Color Swatches: 15 Designs: 2, a front-only logo or a back-only logo

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Better Babies & Toddlers

Better Babies & Toddlers for The Sims 4

Hi Here is the First release of my mod for Better babies and toddlers. I find the features in game related to parents and children really poor and that?s what motivated me to make mods to improve little Sims in the game. I hope that with this mod you will have much more fun with…

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