Cars mods for SnowRunner

Best SnowRunner Cars Mods

Mighty Khan Tweak

Mighty Khan Tweak for SnowRunner

tweaked Khan Marshal, Mighty and Realistic ish can hook to large trailers and scout trailers smaller more realistic wheels sizes now uses both Yar and scout wheels lower suspension option made from scratch larger mud tires as well as smaller scout wheels there is a customization for everyone updated on a regular basis feel free…

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C.C.M. Fred’s Buggy V

C.C.M. Fred’s Buggy V for SnowRunner

C.C.M. is proud to present “Fred’s Buggy”. all in all its just a toy with no real purpose other than to beat the ever lovin’ s**t out of it. its not really tuned to be anything special. its kind of hard to drive. but it goes fast and it kind of flexes depending on what…

Download C.C.M. Fred’s Buggy V 

Frog’s SXS V

Frog’s SXS V for SnowRunner

It’s a SXS that has some upgrades and will probably get more in the future, but I figured yall should finally be able to drive it and explore the Trails Map in style. if you find any game-breaking bugs (there shouldn’t be any) or you have some real feedback to give on the ride be…

Download Frog’s SXS V 

Yeti V1.0.2

Yeti V1.0.2 for SnowRunner

Sales of the Yeti began in 2021. The concept model was presented back in 2018, and the serial one in 2020. Initially, Yeti did not plan to mass-produce this car, limiting itself to a show car, but interest in the Yeti was so high that the company’s management decided to launch the car into production.

Download Yeti V1.0.2 

Last Raider X3 V

Last Raider X3 V for SnowRunner

Here i made for you some nice “old looking unbranded offroad scout”. It drives very realistically and you can take it on every adventure around any map or around whole world … It has many wheels, suspensions, engines and addons options to change. Not too much nice interior …. not working steering wheel and mirrors…

Download Last Raider X3 V 

THE110 V1.4

THE110 V1.4 for SnowRunner

THE110 is a 2.5L Diesel mid-size truck that has all the abilities you may need. It comes with a variety of customizations, paints, lifts, and new tires not seen. It’s a capable truck with the ability to keep it stock or customize it to the dream truck you have always wanted. It comes in a…

Download THE110 V1.4