Emil’s YAR 87 for SNOWRUNNER

Emil’s YAR 87 for SnowRunner

Emil’s YAR 87 should work with subscribe and enabling in mods section, no need for manual installation.

It is a new car that you’ll find in your truck store, everything is unlocked and the price should be 1.

You don’t have to make it OP like the pictures, everything is stock on the car.

List Of Upgrades And Available Options:
Always AWD
Always difflock
7 New engines
New gearbox with 12 auto gears, 3 low gears and 1 high gear
New winch with maximum length and strength. Offline winch that work without the engine running
Higher steering angle and better steering
Several raising options
New roof rack with additional fuel and repair
Added support for trailers
Added all wheels in different dimensions and with different offsets
Option to remove front bumper
Option to remove rear bumper

Please let me know if you find any issues or request addional mods.

Constructive comments are welcome, if not, please keep it to yourself. Unconstructive comments will be deleted.
I put a lot of effort in making mods for all of you, it takes time, so please appreciate my work or don’t use it.



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