Frog’s Tesla Cybertruck Car for SNOWRUNNER

Frog’s Tesla Cybertruck for SnowRunner

Has offroad tires and new rims
Also has a set of studded tires for snow operations
Has a Full Color Pallet
Can Haul Scout Trailers
Has 3 Transmission, Engine and Suspension Options
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Probably Gonna be the last public release (other than a SAS version of this build) I really don’t like the fact that the devs are excluded any model that was not scratch modeled from the mod reward program, us modders regardless of scratch modeling or not spend tons of hours working on our models to make them work in game and its silly to discourage a new modder this way, not everyone starting out modding has the time to spend scratch modeling when they could be spending time learning how to put a model in game. no model is ever game ready when you buy it so they get just as much work into them as something scratch modeled like the cyber truck here. anyways enjoy the truck



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