IX 650 Chassis (WIP™) Phase 1 Ready Beta 6.0 for SNOWRUNNER

IX 650 Chassis (WIP™) Phase 1 Ready Beta 6.0 for SnowRunner

7.15 Update (Bv4.0): Suspensions and centers of mass adjusted again. BIG ADDITIONS OF ADDONS RELATED TO PHASE 1!! This thing got even more tricked out. An update on the wrecker body: I am struggling with conversion errors right now and have been in touch with Saber to sort it out.) But this thing is Phase 1 ready!! (Bear in mind, until the Phase 1 update is live, this may bork your existing version.) But it’s ready to go big time when the update launches.

So, this isn’t your typical iX build (for those of you familiar with my previous work). I have a friend who is also a really good XML tweaker, L0B1325 , working with me to create a more manageable “vanilla” experience for those who prefer a more “base game” style of play, while also having modifications for crazy people like me who want to drive sideways on a rock wall with a semi truck. (No, you can’t do that in this truck yet. Probably ever because there is such a thing as too much, believe it or not.)

Add-ons are coming swiftly, but essentially very little is available yet. At release, it can use the “FrameAddon” base category which gives it vanilla access to the 2-slot sideboard and flatbed. Also, I borrowed from my buddy Emil’s add-ons to grab the single slot flat-bed/sideboard to use with the mini-crane for now. Until I get the wrecker body up and running, naturally. Also, the next update which brings the current PTS to the main server will make Emil’s collection obsolete for the single slot units as they will be available in the base game. Just thought I’d float that out there. But I wanted them available for right now. (I plan to get an non-animated version of the wrecker body out very very soon for the purpose of having it present for fitting add-ons etc.)

Also, gonna say it again, a little louder for the people in the back: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Constructive criticism is wonderful and welcomed. Trash talk will be dealt with exactly as it is handed out. Straight into the circular file. Also: This is my first ever mod on any platform, so please be gentle, lol.

Known Issues: Many, LOL. Seriously though, issues I plan to address soon: Lack of glass. Lack of cockpit view. Maybe an issue with shading? (Truck is very dark at night). Lights aren’t lit yet, except for just enough headlights to get by. Lack of add ons.

Also also also: Sorry about the constant updates and the need to re-download the whole thing. I wish it was different. And yes: I could have held the mod back longer but I was excited to get it out to the public. Sorry, not sorry.

Past Update Log:
7.12 Update (Bv3.3): Suspensions and centers of mass adjusted. Feels more correct now. Removed the baby tires.

7.11 Update (bv3.2): Some More Add-ons Have Been Added And Others Adjusted. Enjoy!

Update (7.9.20 just past midnight): I’ve added a selection of add-ons and also mudtires (by multiple requests). I have also added in the wrecker body. At this time I need to insistently mention: It is far from a finished product. Currently it is not only not animated yet, but I’m also having some weird issues with the wrecker body’s collision meshes not colliding with the world around them. It will be fixed soon™. For the meantime, it has a couple winch points to simulate the future of its glory, and a solid promise that it is a very high priority for me.

I Also Fixed The Paint Jobs For The Cab (no Longer Just A Mix Of Red Variations). And I’ve Made It So It Will Only Accept The Single Slot Addons Now. Allows A Cargo Slot, A Rear Crane And Standard Trailer (not Semi Yet. They Are Coming. But, Short Of Getting Ridiculous With Restrictions And “if This, Then That” Coding, I Felt It Was Better To Just Limit The Available Options. More Stuff Is Still Coming Though.) Enjoy!
7.9.20 Nightly(?): So It Got A Motherlode. Want A Crane? You Got It. And A Buffed Version. Want To Run A Flatbed And A Saddle? Do It! We Got Snorkels, Exhausts, Front Bumpers… So Much Stuff. Go Wild!! Oh, And The Lights Are Working! (It Was Needed Badly.) Enjoy!!

I do want to mention that this version has the non-animated wrecker body disabled again. The lack of proper collision was infuriating me when all was said and done. You guys deserve better and I can do better. Just know that it’s a top priority. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by a change in addons, etc. Just know it is always done in the interest of making it better,a(nd if you really prefer, the older versions of the mods will stay up and you can swap the files in if you prefer.)



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