Best Maps mods for SnowRunner

Region White Silence V1.0.1

Region White Silence V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Hello everyone! The region will include two winter maps, or maybe not winter and not two, while only one is available, 2 by 2 km in size. so don’t lose the save. This time you will follow Stepanich’s instructions. The story has a conversational character and an unexpected outcome. The map uses new game mechanics….

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Skull Falls V4.0.0

Skull Falls V4.0.0 for SnowRunner

I’ve bought property with several abandoned mines and caves. Help explore the vast wilderness or get me the supplies spread across the property. “Roads were made for the journey, not for the destination.” Those that cannot crawl do not deserve to play this. TRAILS and TRAILS. Explore, everything leads somewhere. Suggest using a Crawler for…

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Kodar Desert V

Kodar Desert V for SnowRunner

Kodar Desert is inspired by the Chara Sands in Siberia, Russia. On this map you will find a small desert surrounded by rugged mountains. The climate is dry and cold, rain hardly ever falls here. Help Kodar Tours to rebuild the old helicopter base, repair the buildings and get the radar working again. For the…

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Qifeng Mountain

Qifeng Mountain for SnowRunner

This Is My First Time To Make And Upload Maps In SnowRunner. Although I Have Made Maps In MudRunner Before, SnowRunner Has Changed A Lot. It’s Very Different From Before. Please Leave A Message Below If There Is Anything Bad. Have A Good Time!

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The Island V

The Island V for SnowRunner

Help the company out clearing the island to make way for a unknown future building project. Small map, sequential contracts, a contest and a couple of tasks. There are rocky areas, a swamp, a river to cross. Both muddy and dry terrain. Basically a bit of everything. ** This is my first attempt at creating…

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Wyre Floods WIP V0.82

Wyre Floods WIP V0.82 for SnowRunner

Welcome to Wyre Floods UK …. Theme Park of Trails.. Updated Daily Check The Logs For Update Notes… NO Dev tools or discussion on other mods in the comments… Thankyou Hello .. this is my first map for snowrunners i have put in around 295+hours so far its a follow on to wyre woods i…

Download Wyre Floods WIP V0.82 

Statsville V

Statsville V for SnowRunner

Statville and Port Quo are in jeopardy from the dam failing. The Army Corps of Engineers decided to release as much water as possible to help prevent the total collapse of the Dam. The result is a flooded town with a port in jeopardy. Carters Truckn will be your employer for the duration of your…

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Highway Haulin

Highway Haulin for SnowRunner

It’s Finally Here. Highway Haulin’ Is The First Map To Truly Focus On The More Civilized Side Of Snowrunner. Mainly Asphalt And Light Dirt Roads, Expect An Experience That Looks More Like The View Outside Your Window. There Are Still Off-road Tasks And Trailing So Don’t Be Too Worried About The Maop Being Easy. I…

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Jeep’s Trails

Jeep’s Trails for SnowRunner

Welcome to Jeep’s Trails. This is my first public map, my second map ever, so I still have some things to learn. This is mainly a trailing map but has a couple of recovery tasks. The terrain is loosely based on wheeling in the high Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Country Farm V

Country Farm V for SnowRunner

Map is based on village and it is very big and nice for driving ? Map is still in progress so bee patient ….. anyone who want help me with task contact me ….. map for now have mane big logs for drive among corns and forest …. next update will be with tasks and…

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Meteor Region CV V1.3

Meteor Region CV V1.3 for SnowRunner

Meteor: Crater The Meteorite Impact Known As The Great Taymyr Impact Destroyed One Area Of The Taymyr Peninsula In The Early 19th Century. The Mysterious, Radioactive Meteorite Has Been Lying In The Soft Soil Of Taymyr Ever Since. Efforts By The Soviet Military To Find And Lift It In The Early 60s Failed. Not Much…

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Aftershock V1.1

Aftershock V1.1 for SnowRunner

There isn’t much news in yet. It only happened 2 days ago and it’s been dumping snow ever since. There’s really no way of knowing what to expect. Just gotta get out there and help where I can…. Aftershock This Winter map is set in BC, Canada. An earthquake has hit and you need to…

Download Aftershock V1.1