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Clear Simple Reshade

Clear Simple Reshade for SnowRunner

MANUAL INSTALL ONLY (Obviously) This is, in my opinion, just a nice and easy clear and simply ReShade preset for you. Already setup, just drag and drop the files into the “SnowRunneren_usSourcesBin” folder, the effect should enable automatically. if not, FIRST press the “home” key to bring up the GUI. This should initialise the keys and the effects. Then, press the “Page Down” on the keyboard will then enable/disable the effect which you should see immediately. “Home” key on keyboard opens configuration GUI again should you want to fiddle. Screenshots should follow a “on>off>on>off” pattern as you scroll through them with the modded effect being first, then vanilla second. I tried…

Download Clear Simple Reshade 

Nofog, Crisp And Sharp Reshade, Sweetfx

Nofog, Crisp And Sharp Reshade, Sweetfx for SnowRunner

Installation. 1. Download Reshade zip or rar file. 2. Unpack and click Reshade Setup. 3. When installing you have to choose the path where is your game installed and game file snowrunner.exe . Should be located in Snowrunner/en_us/sources/bin/snowrunner.exe 4. Click on Direct 3D 10/11/12. 5. Then you have to select effect packages to install. Install all except the last bottom one which says: (“Legacy standards effects… all shaders downloaded by previous Reshade versions.”) 6. Copy or move the ini file “SnowRunnerNoFogSharpCrispRealism02.ini” [it is the settings file] from the previously downloaded rar file into game directory, same where is snowrunner.exe 7. When starting the game you should see information about Reshade loading….

Download Nofog, Crisp And Sharp Reshade, Sweetfx 

R-Physics V.1.5

R-Physics V.1.5 for SnowRunner

What Is it? This is a Redux of my previous mod “Ultra Particle Mod” Ultra Particle mod will be discontinued and R-Physics will take it’s place. Due to several problems with the previous mod, it was best to redo the mod. DETAILS: ✔ 40% Increased lifetime on particles. (40 sec) ✔ 19% increased lifetime on exhaust smoke. (19 sec) ✔ 3% denser exhaust smoke. (thicker) ✔ Leaves from bushes are now “boxed physics-based”. (they can now collide with ground and wheels) How do I install it? (MANUAL INSTALL ONLY!) 1: Download the ZIP file and extract the 4 folders to any folder. 2: Go to the game’s install folder: “C:UserEpicGamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient” 3:…

Download R-Physics V.1.5 

NEW Sweater And HAT Color + Driver Animation

NEW Sweater And HAT Color + Driver Animation for SnowRunner

MANUAL INSTALL ONLY——BACKUP YOUR boot.pak and initial.pak BEFORE INSTALL If you are like me, you like immersion and drive first person as much as possible. Along with many others, I was not a fan of the animation speed of the driver character in the game, and instead of taking the easy way out by removing the driver character altogether, like the developers are doing, I have created what I hope to be a better response. This mod slows the driver animation speed as well as offers different color options for the driver. I would HIGHLY recommend that you choose a darker color, like the Dark Grey or Dark Green to make…

Download NEW Sweater And HAT Color + Driver Animation 


Track DAY DON for SnowRunner

Adjusted the weight, suspension (3 settings), gearboxes, tires Added new high power engines from the western monster build Highway and dirt tires for both track disciplines The handling is pretty decent considering the speeds it will hit, does well on both dirt and asphalt with the right tire choice. Tires have been adjusted so they are all a little different (highway 3 is better grip than highway 1) they all change the handling a bit

Download Track DAY DON 

RPG By Zergood V1.9

RPG By Zergood V1.9 for SnowRunner

Attention: manual installation only. The subscription is not working. A little cheating mod in the last stages of the game. Have you ever been embarrassed that a technique that you go to for a long time, for example, KOLOB 74760 clings to the ground with its bottom, in the end turns out to be even worse than the previously opened KOLOB 74941, and on AZOV 64131, which is opened at the beginning of the game, can you go through the whole game? What’s the point of completing a task, leveling up if you already have top-end devices from the beginning of the game? The gameplay itself is cool, but the development…

Download RPG By Zergood V1.9 

Immersion Through Graphics And Physics Tweak Pack V1.2

Immersion Through Graphics And Physics Tweak Pack V1.2 for SnowRunner

Manual Install ONLY! This is my FIRST MOD, still Work in progress. It has been a Massive undertaking, editing and testing over 150 files. Took me days and countless hours of testing. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it. It’s also hard to capture on pictures, needs to be played to feel it out because there is a lot of changes big and small. The pack contains 3 Parts All 3 can be installed at once or just one. Installation Instructions: I take no responsibility for damages and bricked games (unlikely but that’s why you backup) To reverse, replace the initial.pak with your backup. It’s possible to combine with other mods…

Download Immersion Through Graphics And Physics Tweak Pack V1.2