Ruthless Mode V1.2 for SNOWRUNNER

Ruthless Mode V1.2 for SnowRunner

Tired of EZ Mode? Me too. After about 80% completion and 18 trucks in my garage that I never used I grew tired of how easy the game had become. I tried a few mods out but didn’t find something that exactly fit what I was looking for so I built my own with the help of some code used from other modders.

*This is NOT a realism mod, check out WolFRocK for realism. This Mod should be enjoyed from a fresh, new game playing from Michigan to Alaska and then to brutal Russia. Back up your saves and experience the game from scratch. Enjoy the struggle. Feel satisfied with a completed mission using all of your trucks.. if you can afford them……Lastly, enjoy the immersion.***

*DISCLAIMER there are no overt suspensions, no custom trucks, no mud tires on a highway truck, no addons that trucks shouldn’t have, no low riders, no 65″ tires on the scout 800 and no football field length winches. This is the vanilla game that turned ruthless.

Here’s What I’ve Come Up With. It won’t Be For Everyone:
**NEW*Suspensions for Scouts and US trucks supplied by sicksixgamer

Tested These For A Few Hours And Found Them To Add To The Immersion. Seems To Have Added Some Extra Difficulty As Well. RAISE THOSE TRUCKS!

**NEW*Added High Saddle Semi Fuel Tanker for purchase, and gave it 7500L (you’ll need this later in the game)

Better Tire Pressure from Siraij
Realistic Gearboxes from WolFRocK
Increased cargo weight from WolFRocK
Winch lengths reduced 25%
Fuel Capacities reduced by 25%
Truck Prices doubled, some were tailored to whats OP and what’s not. The idea here is to play from the start, and not go to Russia and grab the Tayga; but. it’s your game =D
Damage Values all reduced to 20. Take your time.
No Recovery from Lo2k

*If you decide to apply this mod to an existing game, I suggest that the recovery option be used on every truck prior. There’s an odd interaction with installing this mod and trucks that are left out on the map and spawned into for the first time (trucks spawn damaged. Doesn’t occur once you re-deploy your trucks.*

Installation: Manual (to skip from dealing with the in-game mod system)
Download the file and unzip with WinRAR (cloud icon with a down arrow next to the description)
Go to your game directory (Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient)
Backup your original “initial.pak” file
Replace the original initial.pak file with the new modified initial.pak
If the game decides to turn against you (trailer issues, cargo etc) don’t be afraid to REPLACE the initial.cache.block from your original PAK file to use the recovery option.

Leave some comments below, would like to hear if you like my rendition of the game. Would love to know why a thumbs down is warranted as well.

In Development
Working on removing the ability to change in-game time of day

**NEW*Suspensions for Scouts and US trucks supplied by sicksixgamer

**NEW*Added High Saddle Semi Fuel Tanker for purchase, and gave it 7500L (you’ll need this later in the game)

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Author: Raytheon



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