Best SnowRunner Packs mods

Voron-Ae4380 Minicrane+Sideboardbed + Trailers

Voron-Ae4380 Minicrane+Sideboardbed + Trailers for SnowRunner

Voron AE-4380 has the longest frame among standard RU trucks, so I figured it was only fair that at least one of them could still use trailers when equipped with mini crane and sideboard bed. Especially when sideboard bed on it stands out just marginally further than on Fleetstar F2070A. Still I made some corrections

Download Voron-Ae4380 Minicrane+Sideboardbed + Trailers 

Foxx’s Trucks Pack [WIP] V1.0.5

Foxx’s Trucks Pack [WIP] V1.0.5 for SnowRunner

Currently Available Trucks: American: Freightliner 114SD, Pacific P16, Western Star 6400XD TS, International Paystar 5070, Hummer H2, Cat CT680, Cat 745C, Ford CLT9000, Derry Longhorn 3194(Oshkosh M911 8×8), Derry Longhorn 5420 (Oshkosh M1070A1), Navistar 5000. Russian: Azov 4220 Antarctic, Tuz 420 Tatarin. Adds: Suspension, Tire, Engine, and Winch Options. Enables: Permanent DiffLocks and AWD. This

Download Foxx’s Trucks Pack [WIP] V1.0.5