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MAZ Pack V1.1.0

MAZ Pack V1.1.0 for SnowRunner

MAZ-5316 has: 4 of its own + 6 standard add-ons. MAZ-6317 has: 5 of its own + 8 standard add-ons. MAZ-6425 has: 1 of its own + 3 standard add-ons. MAZ-6517 has: 4 of its own + 6 standard add-ons. To install GMZ ATZ-10 or GMZ ATZ-20, fire-safe exhaust is required (the line “Exhaust pipes”…

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Pack MAZ RSK V for SnowRunner

In pack 2, maz one will mainly act as a truck tractor, their odons will grow a little later, have their own wheels, stickers, prescribed a tap from a bandit looks a little incorrect, but I will make my own similar pair of odons spelled out from kraz technical assistance, tank

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MAX Pack Trucks V0.1

MAX Pack Trucks V0.1 for SnowRunner

will be looking into getting this mod approved for console All base game trucks with different versions Max Trucks ank mk38 MAX azov 4220 antarctic max azov 5319 MAX azov 64131 MAX azov 73210 MAX CAT 745c MAX CAT CT680 MAX chevrolet kodiakc70 MAX dan 96320 MAX derry longhorn 3194 MAX derry longhorn 4520 MAX…

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MAX Pack Scouts V0.1

MAX Pack Scouts V0.1 for SnowRunner

will be looking into getting this mod approved for console All base game Scouts with different versions MAX Scouts chevrolet ck1500 MAX don 71 MAX hummer h2 MAX international loadstar 1700 MAX international scout 800 MAX khan lo4f max tuz 166 MAX tuz 420 tatarin MAX yar 87 MAX other versions 4 wheel steer chevrolet…

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Volat Pack

Volat Pack for SnowRunner

Volat-Pack (7402 + semitrailer 998670, 6527, 65271, 652730, 65274) The most powerful truck tractor of road dimensions produced in the post-Soviet space. Includes: All close to default and all default addons Original: wheels, sounds, addons, engines and gearboxes, colors Lots of small tuning (stickers + cockpit stuff(also default)) The mod was compiled for the beta…

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Motorsports Scout Pack V1.2

Motorsports Scout Pack V1.2 for SnowRunner

ca-ca motorsports scout pack, this is currently 5 of my scout tweaks collected into one pack( at least 2 more to come in the coming weeks, and dlc trucks will be added once it is allowed). the hummer and scout are identical to their stand alone versions that were previously released except the scout has…

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Juanmods for SnowRunner

Azov 5319 • All heavy tyres. • Fuel capacity increased to 250ltrs because 200ltrs was taking the piss a little. • Light crane and bed adjustment to allow trailers, though can be a little buggy occasionally. I wonder if this is why it has the really odd offset as standard to stop this? Bear in…

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