SnowRunner mods

C.C.M. Fslr90 V1.5

C.C.M. Fslr90 V1.5 for SnowRunner

C.C.M is very proud to present the C.C.M. FSLR90. The FSLR is an import sold through C.C.M. dealerships. part of the deal was that every one sold in the states would lose the suspension and drivetrain as these were generally seen as the weaker parts of the vehicle. and instead be sold with a custom…

Download C.C.M. Fslr90 V1.5 


FD-69 TTC V for SnowRunner

Upgrades: One option for engine, gearbox, and suspension (cause its a trail rig, nothing else) Tires: 42″ DBZ Interco Irok, Interco Bogger, Interco TSL Swamper Cut, Interco TSLSX Mega, Nitto Trail Grappler, original sketchup tire, Pitbull, Trepador Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended Frame Addons: CB antennas, windshield, toolbox, canopy, net, rear winch…

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Bayside V

Bayside V for SnowRunner

Bayside is a small town located on a strait. Map size is 1×1 km but most of the areas covered by sea. This is my first map and I designed it as beginner level, first map of a region, it is like Black River(Michigan). ✔ Game starts with different kind of mission; covering a pipe…

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Slayers Quarry Adventure

Slayers Quarry Adventure for SnowRunner

Hello SnowRunner community I got a new map for you to Explore. It has mud to smash, rocks to climb, obstacles to overcome, and some switch-back trails to drive. There are multiple garages, fuel stations, and trailer stores spread across this 50×50 map. I tried to add missions but have been having issues with it….

Download Slayers Quarry Adventure