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Naut’s Loadstar V1.1

Naut’s Loadstar V1.1 for SnowRunner

This mod adds a version of the Loadstar with a few tweaks, it still uses the original engines, gearboxes and wheels. No Tayga tyres here. ✔ Selectable AWD ✔ 150L of fuel rather than 130L ✔ Some Fleetstar engine sounds ✔ Minor adjustments to the suspension to make the front end less bouncy More Frame Addons: ✔ Small flatbed / sideboard bed ✔ Small fuel tank and small van body ✔ DON 71 roof racks ✔ Low saddle, not that I’m implying it’s any good at towing large trailers but the Acteon and Warthog both get the low saddle, so why not this?

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BAD Dingo OFF Road Recovery PTS

BAD Dingo OFF Road Recovery PTS for SnowRunner

Welcome to Bad Dingo Off Road recovery. You and your buddies will be operating this business to recover vehicles that are stranded in the remote wilderness. You can also earn extra money by hauling supplies to the local businesses. If you need a break hop in your favorite 4×4 to go explore all of the amazing trails the area has to offer. A good knowledge of the landscape will be required to successfully complete rescues and hauling missions. Garage. Fuel Station. Trailer store. Warehouse. Sawmill. Factory. 5 watchtowers. 4 vehicle rescues. 4 intense delivery missions so far. This area is set in the Autumn time of year where most of the…

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Pack MAZ RSK V for SnowRunner

In pack 2, maz one will mainly act as a truck tractor, their odons will grow a little later, have their own wheels, stickers, prescribed a tap from a bandit looks a little incorrect, but I will make my own similar pair of odons spelled out from kraz technical assistance, tank

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MAX Pack Trucks V0.1

MAX Pack Trucks V0.1 for SnowRunner

will be looking into getting this mod approved for console All base game trucks with different versions Max Trucks ank mk38 MAX azov 4220 antarctic max azov 5319 MAX azov 64131 MAX azov 73210 MAX CAT 745c MAX CAT CT680 MAX chevrolet kodiakc70 MAX dan 96320 MAX derry longhorn 3194 MAX derry longhorn 4520 MAX ford clt9000 MAX freightliner 114sd MAX freightliner m916a1 MAX gmc 9500 MAX international fleetstar f2070a MAX international paystar 5070 MAX international transtar 4070a MAX kolob 74760 MAX kolob 74941 MAX Pacific p12w MAX Pacific P16 MAX royal bm17 MAX step 310e MAX tayga 6436 MAX voron ae4380 MAX voron d53233 MAX voron grad MAX ws 4964…

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MTZ-80 Tractor V1.2

MTZ-80 Tractor V1.2 for SnowRunner

Characteristic: 1. Does not replace anything. Tested on SnowRunner. 2. There is an animation of the steering wheel, suspension, exhaust, levers, fan and mud flaps. 3. There are several addons and trailers. 4. High permeability. 5. You can carry several types of goods. Version 1.2 For SnowRunner (v10.1): Changes: Tweaked Sound And Mirrors; Added: Animation Of Levers, Accessories And Figures For The Salon, Stickers, Chains On Wheels, One Trailer, 2 Add-ons, New Tires On Wheels.

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Super Voron Grad V1.0.1

Super Voron Grad V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

The Super Voron Grad is not intended to be realistic. It is intended to get the job done quick fast and in a hurry. All Of The Usual Mods Have Been Applied: more damage points more fuel bigger tires more power lifted Some Of The Above And Beyond Features: rear steering much longer, offline and stronger winch lower center of gravity (almost impossible to flip, but it will roll back over) ability to tow scout trailers more winch and crane points super sticky “mud tires” they will allow you to drive up the side of mountains

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Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1

Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Version 1.0.1 ✔ adjustments to custom gearbox for less fuel consumption & more pulling power when hauling heavier loads (wip) ✔ exchanges the P16 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines (same torque values as the kolob engines) ✔ adds switchable AWD ✔ adds Frameaddons: Cat745 Fueltank, Cat770G Fueltank, Bandit minicrane, sideboard and flatbed ✔ adds 2 new bumpers with lights ✔ adds roofrack with lights ✔ adds optional highrange/offroad gearbox and custom 9-speed gearbox ✔ increases wheel size to 62″ ✔ increased ride height to accomodate for bigger wheels ✔ adds Cat770G tire options (P16 tires still default) ✔ increases fuel capacity to 380 ✔ increases…

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MAX Pack Scouts V0.1

MAX Pack Scouts V0.1 for SnowRunner

will be looking into getting this mod approved for console All base game Scouts with different versions MAX Scouts chevrolet ck1500 MAX don 71 MAX hummer h2 MAX international loadstar 1700 MAX international scout 800 MAX khan lo4f max tuz 166 MAX tuz 420 tatarin MAX yar 87 MAX other versions 4 wheel steer chevrolet ck1500 MAX 4 wheel steer don 71 MAX 4 wheel steer hummer h2 MAX 4 wheel steer international loadstar 1700 MAX 4 wheel steer international scout 800 MAX 4 wheel steer khan lo4f max 4 wheel steer tuz 166 MAX 6 wheel steer tuz 420 tatarin MAX 6×6 international loadstar 1700 MAX 8 wheel steer tuz…

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Royal BM17 JBE V0.5

Royal BM17 JBE V0.5 for SnowRunner

It Seems A Lot Of People Have A Love Hate Relationship When It Comes To The Royal BM17. I’ll Be Honest With You When I Located The BM17 In Campaign Mode, I Drove It And Sold It Instantly. I’m Sure This Build Won’t Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea And I’m Ok With That. I Did A Good Amount Of Testing With The Default BM17 And My BM17. Let Me Know If Anything Is LOCKED! Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any…

Download Royal BM17 JBE V0.5