SnowRunner mods


Muskoka Highlands V2.4

Muskoka Highlands V2.4 for SnowRunner

You need to be in the public test server to use the map at this time or you will not have missions or any of the new update items. If you start the level, back out to the main menu and restart the level you will have the dev tools to select your own trucks Update September 2 Added 3 new missions Added a new dirt oval Adjusted some roads Fixed a couple watchpoint animations Adjusted some mud thickness Not far from Highrock, Muskoka Highlands has some great views and a variety of different road types to offer. 17 missions will keep you running all over the countryside trying to pick…

Download Muskoka Highlands V2.4 

FWD TUZ166 V0.0.5.2

FWD TUZ166 V0.0.5.2 for SnowRunner

Some changes for me FWD more gears and active suspension AWD and front wheel drive for the LOL’s v0.0.1 handles like a secondhand RC car with the Spiderman winch v0.0.4+ slightly better (customization only works on PTS for now ) V0.0.5 more paint and should work in both game versions now (open the mod folder and delete v1)

Download FWD TUZ166 V0.0.5.2 

Sumb MH600 V1.2

Sumb MH600 V1.2 for SnowRunner

French 1.5t army truck of 60s. Designed and produced by SIMCA-UNIC-MARMON-BOCQUET companies. The style is close to Unimog series and Gaz-66. Many of these little old trucks end thier lives on rusty parking, but now you can see them serve in a game. Base mod is the serial model and you can upgrade it to ‘turbodiesel’ version (on player level 10) with new gearbox, engine and snorkel. With 1-cargo place platform you can do small jobs, also you can attach trailer carts. Supply addons are the military shelter full of repair parts and regular tent carriage with some repair stuff and fuel. 3 custom tire types with a very default allterrain/offroad/chain…

Download Sumb MH600 V1.2 

Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.2

Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.2 for SnowRunner

Finally After 2 Months Of Hard Work Is Here Famous NISSAN PATROL GQ! It drives very well, has nice smooth suspension …. i added 1 more custom bumper with headlights. Bugs: interior view is not fully implemented ( now you see on bonnet), custom wheels not get wet and muddy CREDITS: original model mesh is from Offroaddrive ripped out for Spintires by Panthera totally reworked, renewed and alll other work by zidon nice 15 custom skins by Bogdan Butnaru ( thank you bro! ) V8 sound

Download Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.2 

WW2 Plane Truck

WW2 Plane Truck for SnowRunner

have you ever wanted to fly in snow runner now you can mod should work on the main game after Monday update, use PTS game if you want to try the mod before the update has 4 addons 2 wings and 2 junk cars this mod is not to ruin the game just to have fun messing around and people that keeps asking to put my cargo mods in one mod pack dont worry coming soon use active suspension to fly look for WW2_Plane_Truck in the truck store

Download WW2 Plane Truck 

Twinsteer With Crane And Saddle

Twinsteer With Crane And Saddle for SnowRunner

Western Star 6900 TwinSteer with crane and low saddle Added AWD Trailer hitch Low saddle Trailers, semitrailers, oiltank semitrailer. US crane 16 Wheels Stepdeck Semi-Trailer Warning: Don’t use the truck flatbed to load cargo if the crane is installed Don’t load more than three slots of cargo if the saddle is installed If the mod doesn’t work by subscribing use manual install instead

Download Twinsteer With Crane And Saddle 

4×4 Trail Challenge 1 V

4×4 Trail Challenge 1 V for SnowRunner

PTS Version This Version Is Made For The PTS (Public Test Server). This Map Uses Models, Functions And Feature That Are Not Compatible With The Live Version Of Snowrunner! Welcome To 4×4 Challenge 1! On this map you will find smaller but a nice detailed fun map for your 4×4 trucks. On the map you can challenge yourself and your friends with two time challenges and various trails. Test your skills on either on the red trail with medium difficulty, 8:30 min time limit and checkpoints that are not visible on your minimap or the blue trail with easy to medium difficulty, 8:30 min time limit and visible checkpoints. Both trails…

Download 4×4 Trail Challenge 1 V 

Tatra 148 6×6

Tatra 148 6×6 for SnowRunner

Here is famous old czech truck popular Tatra 148 6×6. Original model mesh by STYWY Convert into Spintires zidon, garminbreak Convert into Snowrunner zidon, Patholog Model mesh is not best AAA+ quality but in overalll this truck is nice and you will enjoy driving it for sure. Some tweaks in future will come better interior view, mirrors and others.

Download Tatra 148 6×6 

GAZ 69 Tuning 2020 V1.0.4

GAZ 69 Tuning 2020 V1.0.4 for SnowRunner

What might the legendary GAZ-69 look like in 2020? I Present To Your Attention GAZ 69 Tunning 2020-a Reinterpretation Of The Legendary Classics. A Formidable Look In A New Wrapper, Power And Passability What You Need! Change modules as your heart desires, color them as your heart demands Multiple body modules Many skins (paint) 5 types of wheels (optional) HQ salon (added arrows, mirrors) Standard trailers (playing on this car, you may notice that if you drive without a roof, some modules hang in the air. this is a flaw, we are waiting for patches from developers)

Download GAZ 69 Tuning 2020 V1.0.4