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Azov 73210 Raised With US Cranes 1.1.0

Azov 73210 Raised With US Cranes 1.1.0 for SnowRunner

Despite being a powerful chassis, it was clearly designed as a dedicated crane vehicle, with a low cab to keep it from becoming too high for overpasses and such. The downside of this, however, is that the roads in Snowrunner aren’t what you might call ‘ordinary’. As a result, it tends to nose-dive into most dips and elevations, even on reasonably shallow road sections. Additionally, the preview icon of the Azov 73210 shows it with the US red crane, whilst it cannot equip it by default. With this small mod, both of those things are rectified, with the suspension raised and the cranes changed from the RU to the US versions….

Download Azov 73210 Raised With US Cranes 1.1.0 

K1500 Ultra 1.4.1

K1500 Ultra 1.4.1 for SnowRunner

I wanted a truck that could go through deep mud figured I would share. Added a 3rd higher suspension and 43″-44″ tire options to the stock K1500. Fuel tank bumped to 120 and added all US scout engines. Can use medium winches and now can attach regular trailers you can try its hard when there full they weigh way more then the truck. But in a pinch it might be what you need. *5/6/20 Updated to 1.4.1 added 4 paint options and wheel tweeks. *5/5/20 Updated to 1.4 adjusted all 43″-44″ Tires and suspension level requirements to 6. Some tire spacing and softness adjustment. More Suspension tuning. *5/4/20 Updated to 1.3…

Download K1500 Ultra 1.4.1 

Realistic Tire Pressures For Vehicles And Trailers 1.02

Realistic Tire Pressures For Vehicles And Trailers 1.02 for SnowRunner

installation Download the zip file go to the installation folder “SnowRunner en_us preload paks client” Make a backup of your initial.pak file Replace the initial.pak file with that of the mod. play For A Custom Installation Compatible With Other Mods: Open initial.pak of the mod. extract the _templates folder which is in [media]. In the directory of your game open the initial.pak and replace the _templates folder.

Download Realistic Tire Pressures For Vehicles And Trailers 1.02 

Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00A

Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00A for SnowRunner

Tweaks This Mod Applies To SnowRunner Are As Follows: Damage Durability Points were changed to more realistic values (used my knowledge as a Mechanic irl to better tune the values) making the game feel more on the Hardcore side; Engine is currently at 30 (as the engine is mostly well protected by bullbars/bushbars/heavy-duty crash bars) Fuel Tank is at 10 (mainly because they’re mostly made of thin metal that could be easily bent/punctured by most Truck’s bullbars/bumpers) Gearbox/Transmission is at 20 (can take a few hits but nothing too big Suspension is at 50 for more Heavy-Duty setups and 25 for Highway/Stock/Lighter ones (as most in the game are heavy-duty leaf…

Download Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00A 

The TUZ Tank (Replace.1.0.0)

The TUZ Tank (Replace.1.0.0) for SnowRunner

A Modified TUZ-420 With: 47″ Tayga wheels Offroad-Gearbox with a faster High-Gear Snorkel for easier water traversal All-Wheel-Steer The ability to tow tongue trailers If you have issues or suggestions, comment below. **IMPORTANT** If you have the infinite loading circle problem, want to use this mod in multiplayer, or want to install it manually, there is a FIle under releases called It is to be used in the initial.pak to replace the in-game TUZ-420. Manual Install To install Manually, Close your game, Download Go to the game directory: SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient and open “initial.pak” with winrar. Inside initial.pak go to “initial.pak[media]classes” Open your, extract the .pak inside it. Open TUZ_replace.pak,…

Download The TUZ Tank (Replace.1.0.0) 

Elite Scout 800 1.0.2

Elite Scout 800 1.0.2 for SnowRunner

The Scout 800 Elite Features Removes Driver Adds Suspensions Adds New Bumper Configuration Removes Default Front & Rear Bumper Adds Wheel Options Increases Fuel Capacity Increased Engine Options Rear Steering Variant Adds Addon Wheel 31″ 51″ Wheels (odd numbers in between) Changelog: v1.0.2 – Adjusted Country Availability & Name Fixes v1.0.1 HOTFIX Now Removes unlocked by exploration values as this is NOT possible v1.0.0 Initial Creation and Upload Bugs: Wheels are not attached to hubs properly

Download Elite Scout 800 1.0.2 

Snowrunner Translator V1.2

Snowrunner Translator V1.2 for SnowRunner

This tool allows editing any string from any of the 13 languages of the game. What it does is extracting the language file you want to edit in a simple .txt file that you can easily edit and then applies your changes back into the game. There are some strict rules to apply but it’s a good start to fix some labels or even to replace a language by your own if you are really dedicated. I wrote a quite complete user guide that is in the same archive as the tool. 1.2 update: Tool has been updated to convert files from the latest v1.2 game update released on 2020/05/06. 1.1…

Download Snowrunner Translator V1.2