Best Trailers mods for SnowRunner

Delta Semi Trailer Pack

Delta Semi Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

Pack Includes 6 Trailers: ✔ Semi 40ft 4 Slot Cargo ✔ Semi 40ft Supply (Fuel, Spares, Wheels) ✔ Semi Log Long ✔ Semi Log Double Medium ✔ Semi 6 Slot Sideboard ✔ Semi Gooseneck Transport Carrier Thanks To: My test NINJAS, you guys are all legends. Thank you Upgrades N/A Visuals N/A Color N/A Interior…

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TAK Soidet Trailer Pack

TAK Soidet Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

At The Moment, The Pack Includes Two Semitrailers: Onboard for 4 loading slots. Semi-trailer for transportation of medium logs. Pack will be supplemented. Localization: Русский English Français Deutsche 中文 Attention: Despite the fact that semi-trailers cling to all trucks, we do not guarantee that the mod will work on all default vehicles, as well as…

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Delta LOG Trailer V1.1

Delta LOG Trailer V1.1 for SnowRunner

Required for current Delta Pickup and future line of working trucks. Features: 1 Medium Log cargo slot Led running lights Manual leg and ramp controls Animated side/rear winch shackles, mudflaps and side support chains. Feel free to make this compatible with your mod. Addon socket is “DeltaGooseneck”

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Rng3R’s Trailer Pack V

Rng3R’s Trailer Pack V for SnowRunner

This has been a small project of mine, not as big as the MTVR and Zetros. My goal like always is to create a ultra/realistic replica of all these trailers. Every single part of the model (like tires and much more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lots and lots of…

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Truck BED Trailers V2.0

Truck BED Trailers V2.0 for SnowRunner

Because of how the game works trailers cant have default add-ons, but i found adding one of the base game transfer boxes is the only default add-on trailers can have with no dev tools making it have axels 1 cargo slot on all trailers Console maybe has no issues Trailer list

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