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Z-4266 Offroad Truck – Crew CAB V

Z-4266 Offroad Truck – Crew CAB V for SnowRunner

Z-4266 designed by me. This has been a side project for me and took around 2 weeks of daily work. My goal like always is to create a realistic trucks. Every single part of the model (interior, exterior, addons, tires and many more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lot’s of love. The Truck has custom addons and tires to start, but will be updated with tons of new features and customization over time, like new bumpers etc. Features: ✔ Custom cargo bed. ✔ Spare tire rack, supply boxes etc ✔ Variety of unique tire types and configurations ✔ Each tire set has “soft” version to simulate…

Download Z-4266 Offroad Truck – Crew CAB V 

Derry Longhorn 4520 Blueline-X V

Derry Longhorn 4520 Blueline-X V for SnowRunner

✔ changes all rearwheels to duallies (except vanilla mudtires) ✔ exchanges the 4520 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines (same torque values as the kolob engines) ✔ adds always on Difflock ✔ adds Frameaddons: Cat745 Fueltank, Bandit minicrane ✔ adds 1 new bumper with lights ✔ adds optional special gearboxes and custom 9-speed gearbox ✔ increases wheel size to 55″ ✔ increased ride height to accomodate for bigger wheels ✔ adds P16 tire options ✔ adds Cat770G tire options ✔ increases truck price to reflect better engine performance and truck efficiency ✔ removes lvl requirement ✔ weight reduction ✔ decreased rear steer to avoid clipping of…

Download Derry Longhorn 4520 Blueline-X V 

Sandvik TH545I V

Sandvik TH545I V for SnowRunner

The Sandvik TH545i is an articulated 45 tons underground mining dump truck. First mod and first experience with 3d applications, and game integration. Please be indulgent. I’m no developer, no 3D artist, no modder of any kind (the only application I use on a daily basis is Excel). I just decided to have some fun integrating a model I found very interesting into this game I love and spend so much time playing. The 3d model is paid, and has been purchased on Turbosquid from highly talented artist iljujjkin. Link to the model down below. My job has consisted in rigging the model, converting meshes, textures, writing xml files… But most…

Download Sandvik TH545I V 

M181 ANK MK38 “Puma” V1.0.1

M181 ANK MK38 “Puma” V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

The ANK MK38 is a truck in Snow*Runner I’ve always wanted to mess with, but the fixed bed made it pretty hard to change in any useful way. However as I have gotten more familiar with the game and how it works, I think I’ve found a to make it customizable. By making the ANK spawn in with a “hidden” flatdeck, it allows it to use other frame-add-ons while still being able to take on cargo. Of course the weak spot with this is you need to re-equip the flatdeck if you remove it, so it has a $0 cost. The truck is not able to haul cargo without the flatdeck…

Download M181 ANK MK38 “Puma” V1.0.1 

International Paystar 5070 V0.0.2

International Paystar 5070 V0.0.2 for SnowRunner

Added raised suspension, fully finetuned. Much better wheel travel and ground contact. Added almost every wheel options in the game. Added some bumpers and exhausts. Will add more in the future. Added 2 additional suspensions, 1 cargo edition and 1 much softer “rockcrawler” edition Added almost ALL tire options from the basegame, YAR 87, Tayga, Voron, Kolob, Cat etc. Added 3 bumper sets. Added 2 exhaust Increased fuel Capacity Tweaked center of gravity for raised suspension (nothing overpowered) TO DO LIST Add more engine options Add more cosmetics KNOWN ISSUES Small crane is heavy, will add a suspension option specifically for the small crane usage When Selecting DUAL Wheels At The…

Download International Paystar 5070 V0.0.2 

ZIL 131M Truck V10.1

ZIL 131M Truck V10.1 for SnowRunner

Adds a domestically produced truck, with improved animations and textures. Great for off-roading, it tends to go through a swamp without any problems. Has improved suspension, excellent tire grip on the swamp. The mod has 3 of its add-ons and several default ones, two original engines, an upgraded suspension. The mod will be improved and supplemented, wishes and constructive criticism are welcome. Installation Can be done manually You can by subscription Version 10.1 For SnowRunner (v10.1): ✔ Updated to the current version of the game; ✔ Minor changes in performance characteristics; ✔ Added customization of the interior.

Download ZIL 131M Truck V10.1 

Kamaz-Arctic Truck V4.4.5

Kamaz-Arctic Truck V4.4.5 for SnowRunner

The best choice for conquering snowy expanses. It Has: ✔ 1 type of engine; ✔ 1 own checkpoint; ✔ 2 of your own pairs of replaceable wheels, your tracks; ✔ 1 type of winch; ✔ 2 of its own + 7 standard addons; ✔ Your protection and discs; ✔ Animation of your board. Version 4.4.5 For SnowRunner (v10.1): Minor improvements to the model.

Download Kamaz-Arctic Truck V4.4.5 

Super Voron Grad V1.0.1

Super Voron Grad V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

The Super Voron Grad is not intended to be realistic. It is intended to get the job done quick fast and in a hurry. All Of The Usual Mods Have Been Applied: more damage points more fuel bigger tires more power lifted Some Of The Above And Beyond Features: rear steering much longer, offline and stronger winch lower center of gravity (almost impossible to flip, but it will roll back over) ability to tow scout trailers more winch and crane points super sticky “mud tires” they will allow you to drive up the side of mountains

Download Super Voron Grad V1.0.1 

Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1

Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Version 1.0.1 ✔ adjustments to custom gearbox for less fuel consumption & more pulling power when hauling heavier loads (wip) ✔ exchanges the P16 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines (same torque values as the kolob engines) ✔ adds switchable AWD ✔ adds Frameaddons: Cat745 Fueltank, Cat770G Fueltank, Bandit minicrane, sideboard and flatbed ✔ adds 2 new bumpers with lights ✔ adds roofrack with lights ✔ adds optional highrange/offroad gearbox and custom 9-speed gearbox ✔ increases wheel size to 62″ ✔ increased ride height to accomodate for bigger wheels ✔ adds Cat770G tire options (P16 tires still default) ✔ increases fuel capacity to 380 ✔ increases…

Download Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1