Trucks mods for SnowRunner

Real Kamaz 64131

Real Kamaz 64131 for SnowRunner

Install Tutorial : go to the game client folder) for example : E:Program Files (x86)SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient for texture : open shared_textures.pak with latest version winrar and drag and replace pct file for suspension : open initial.pak with latest version winrar (in winrar open media/class/suspension drag and replace s_azov_64131.xml file for truck : open initial.pak with latest version winrar (in winrar open media/class/truck drag and replace azov_64131.xml file

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Enhanced DAN 96320 “Sandworm” M181 V1.1.0

Enhanced DAN 96320 “Sandworm” M181 V1.1.0 for SnowRunner

I often find myself looking at the weird trucks in Snow*Runner, the sometimes forgotten trucks. One of the trucks always stood out to me while scrolling through the garage was the DAN. A stripped down missile carrier with a weird face and lots of frame room for the paltry selection of add-ons they deemed it worthy to carry. Well to hell with that, this Enhanced Series DAN has tons of options for you to pick and use. Changes Over The Stock DAN Include: Handbrake on all axles Improved steering angle and responsiveness Realistic fuel capacity Faster start-up speed Less exhaust smoke Auto Winch HD added Widened wheel track Superheavy tire selection…

Download Enhanced DAN 96320 “Sandworm” M181 V1.1.0 

Tatra 813 8×8 Kolos V1.0.2

Tatra 813 8×8 Kolos V1.0.2 for SnowRunner

My Famous Czech Offroad Truck Legend IS BACK INTO SNOWRUNNER TATRA 8×8 Kolos! *! IMPORTATNT! To correctly installl fix01: you must delete your mods cache in documents/mygames/snowrunner/base/mods and then subscribe and download again … i dont know why it happens :/ but after that it downloaded and working for me correctly 🙂 * fix02 fixes bad loading of fix01 BIG Fix01 9.9.2020: new fully 3D moddeled dashboard + new texture , working arrows ( made by my friend Patholog ) movable steering wheel ( made by my friend Patholog ) + nice new texture new moddeled gearstick working mirrors ( made by my friend Patholog ) added 2 beacons on cabin…

Download Tatra 813 8×8 Kolos V1.0.2 

International Transtar 4070X V1.1

International Transtar 4070X V1.1 for SnowRunner

Nothing fancy, quick xml edit. It doesn’t replace the original Transtar, it’s an entirely new truck in the truck store. always-on AWD and always-on differential lock high-ish suspension big offroad dually tyres basic vanilla frame addons You can buy it at rank 1 for 40k-ish cash in every region, USA and Russia. Unlocks customization just the same as the original Transtar except the AWD, diff lock, suspension and tyres, those are different from the original truck and come stock with this modded Transtar. Oh, and I moved the front wheels in closer together so they fit under the truck more. Looks a bit confused. But to make up for it I…

Download International Transtar 4070X V1.1 

Enhanced Voron Grad “Workhorse” M181 V1.1.1

Enhanced Voron Grad “Workhorse” M181 V1.1.1 for SnowRunner

The Voron Grad is another truck in Snow*Runner I wanted to mess with. Simply put, I really liked the design of the Ural Next and thought the in-game version could use some modifications. I’ve changed up the sound-set a little bit to make it sound less clattery, and swapped out the Cold-War era cranes for the more modern US set. I’ve also tweaked the positions of some add-ons and added a few more options. There are more engines more customization options, and I’ve also made the marker lights on the fenders work. Overall a small but fairly comprehensive tweak. Changes Over The Stock Voron Grad Include: Increased steering angle and speed…

Download Enhanced Voron Grad “Workhorse” M181 V1.1.1 

Enhanced W Western Star 4964 “Heavy-Hauler” M181 V2.0.0

Enhanced W Western Star 4964 “Heavy-Hauler” M181 V2.0.0 for SnowRunner

Welcome to version 2.0! As I’m making new trucks, I’m also planning on going through some of the older mods and bolster them. These will be the last large patches these trucks get, however bug fixes will still be applied as needed. Check the version history information for changes over V1. If you notice any bugs or weirdness, please let me know. The White Western Star is a popular truck within the Snow*Runner community, however it really never won my heart. It always seemed a little lacking to me. This mod started out as a bit of a gag but ended up being one of my more involved XML tweaks. This…

Download Enhanced W Western Star 4964 “Heavy-Hauler” M181 V2.0.0 

Sumb MH600 V1.2

Sumb MH600 V1.2 for SnowRunner

French 1.5t army truck of 60s. Designed and produced by SIMCA-UNIC-MARMON-BOCQUET companies. The style is close to Unimog series and Gaz-66. Many of these little old trucks end thier lives on rusty parking, but now you can see them serve in a game. Base mod is the serial model and you can upgrade it to ‘turbodiesel’ version (on player level 10) with new gearbox, engine and snorkel. With 1-cargo place platform you can do small jobs, also you can attach trailer carts. Supply addons are the military shelter full of repair parts and regular tent carriage with some repair stuff and fuel. 3 custom tire types with a very default allterrain/offroad/chain…

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Twinsteer With Crane And Saddle

Twinsteer With Crane And Saddle for SnowRunner

Western Star 6900 TwinSteer with crane and low saddle Added AWD Trailer hitch Low saddle Trailers, semitrailers, oiltank semitrailer. US crane 16 Wheels Stepdeck Semi-Trailer Warning: Don’t use the truck flatbed to load cargo if the crane is installed Don’t load more than three slots of cargo if the saddle is installed If the mod doesn’t work by subscribing use manual install instead

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Tatra 148 6×6

Tatra 148 6×6 for SnowRunner

Here is famous old czech truck popular Tatra 148 6×6. Original model mesh by STYWY Convert into Spintires zidon, garminbreak Convert into Snowrunner zidon, Patholog Model mesh is not best AAA+ quality but in overalll this truck is nice and you will enjoy driving it for sure. Some tweaks in future will come better interior view, mirrors and others.

Download Tatra 148 6×6