Best SnowRunner Trucks mods

Azov John V1.1

Azov John V1.1 for SnowRunner

I have made lots of changes to suit my liking and style of gameplay… Lots of little details that are hard to remember. I removed some addons and added others, moved things around Adjusted steering angle added akkermann Fixed/removed duplicate tires, added some, reset ALL offsets I have developed 3 off road suspension systems that

Download Azov John V1.1 

Kolob 74760 Porter V2.0.0

Kolob 74760 Porter V2.0.0 for SnowRunner

Changes: Added rear axials steering Added set of big wheels Added high suspension Added chained wheels Added semitrailers with special semitrailers support (special frame extention) Added one winch socket (useful for semitrailers connection) Added all carriage Added some color schemes Added US/RU minicranes and rear US/RU minicranes Added US/RU bigcranes Added some default headlighs Roof

Download Kolob 74760 Porter V2.0.0 

WS 6900 XD SE “Pimpsteer” V1.0.2

WS 6900 XD SE “Pimpsteer” V1.0.2 for SnowRunner

All About Chrome, Smoke And Lights, Here Comes The “Pimpsteer” ! Leave a comment and thumb up the mod if you like. Thanks. Should work with subscribe button. I Brought Those Changes To The WS 6900 XD : Emil’s sideboards remplace the stock flatbed to allow 3slots + semitrailer without clipping problems. AWD on/off. Improved

Download WS 6900 XD SE “Pimpsteer” V1.0.2 

BIG Z Truck V2.3

BIG Z Truck V2.3 for SnowRunner

Scout, Repair Truck or Load Hauler. This truck is ready for anything 4 suspension settings Large selection of tire sizes and styles Service and pickup body available and colour matching with more repair and fuel points Both US an RU mini cranes available New exhausts and customization addons Scout and big trailer compatible All original

Download BIG Z Truck V2.3 

Redfoxbilt-12U V1.2

Redfoxbilt-12U V1.2 for SnowRunner

If you feel tired of being stuck in the mud, you can try this Dakar-rally-level truck with a sooooooooooo low price (and sooooooo imbalanced performance). The paraments are referred to the truck of Redbull-KamazMaster team, Kamaz 4320, of coures, including the fuel comsuption.

Download Redfoxbilt-12U V1.2 

CAT 745C SE Truck V1.0.4

CAT 745C SE Truck V1.0.4 for SnowRunner

I Brought Those Changes To The Cat 745C : Added US mini crane. Custom Engine. Custom Gearbox. Reworked default suspensions. Modified MSH3 Wheels. Custom Winch. (+ custom winch point on back of the cab to help with trailers) 600 ltrs gas Tank. Improved global steering. Added High and Low saddles. Added all new snorkel just

Download CAT 745C SE Truck V1.0.4 

Azov 73210 Lifted V2.0.0

Azov 73210 Lifted V2.0.0 for SnowRunner

This mod is not meant to be realistic. If you are looking for a realistic mod, this is not it. This truck is designed to come in and fix things when the game bugs out. The tires clip through each other and the frame, but it doesn’t matter. You can use a variety of tires.

Download Azov 73210 Lifted V2.0.0