Best Trucks mods for SnowRunner

Black Labs P512 Volsung

Black Labs P512 Volsung for SnowRunner

Note: You must have the required DLC to use this modified Pacific P512. Though official guidance is forthcoming, Modders have requested clarification and been given interim approval to post DLC tweaks. Tweaks: Engines have been replaced with a single custom diesel electric engine, sporting 250k torque with good fuel efficiency, but at the cost of…

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Berliet T100

Berliet T100 for SnowRunner

✔ French giant of Berliet company in a mid XX century. ✔ Only 4 trucks were produced in a bit different forms and functional. Yet, this mod be an united variant. ✔ This more than 50 tons truck can take up to 6 cargos on chassis. ✔ It long and wide and not much good…

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Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn

Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn for SnowRunner

This Azov 5319 has been reworked from the ground up as a strong offroad heavy hauler for your lineup. I’ve removed what I considered the key weakness of the vanilla truck (its awful fuel capacity) as well as given it the proper Black Labs diesel-electric offroading treatment. Tweaks: Improved frame addons location and options, including…

Download Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn