Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn for SnowRunner

This Azov 5319 has been reworked from the ground up as a strong offroad heavy hauler for your lineup. I’ve removed what I considered the key weakness of the vanilla truck (its awful fuel capacity) as well as given it the proper Black Labs diesel-electric offroading treatment.

Improved frame addons location and options, including 3-slot cargo beds, roof rack, and many more or altered cosmetics.
Engines have been replaced with a single custom diesel-electric engine, sporting 250k torque with good fuel efficiency, but at the cost of some fragility. New engine sounds.
Increased fuel capacity
Gearboxes have been replaced with two custom boxes, styled for the diesel-electric hybrid conversion. More uniform fuel consumption across gears (as a hybrid would be).
Suspension has been overhauled, included adding a lift kit
Larger Tire Options Added. Wheel Selection Improved, Including A Custom Set By Poghrim. Thanks, Pog!
Center of mass lowered
Winches can operate off of hybrid batteries (i.e. all winches are autonomous)
New paint jobs
Many various small tweaks

More Black Labs tweaked trucks
Custom repair box which is compatible with the 2-slot addons

SnowRunner mods - Black Labs 5319 Gjallarhorn | Offroad test drive - Gameplay

Authors: Saelem_Black



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