Enhanced Kolob 74941 “Carnictis” M181 Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Enhanced Kolob 74941 “Carnictis” M181 for SnowRunner

Who here remembers the 2005 King Kong film? The first thing that came to my mind driving the stock KOLOB 74941 around was the Carnictis worms. Slow moving, but relentless. That is an attribute the KOLOB has in spades. This Enhanced Series mod takes those attributes and really leans into them. Yes there is a new, lore-friendly, more powerful engine… but it does not turn this machine into a speed demon. It only dials up the torque enough to move around the new suite of frame add-ons.

I’ve added the Russian cranes to the KOLOB, and the tradition array of frame add-ons as well. The new performance options are labelled and priced to make sense in-game.

Changes Over The Stock KOLOB 74941 Include:
Modified steering and added rear-steer
Handbrake on all axles
Locked diffs
Increased fuel capacity
New Auto Winch HD
Added WWS TS backup beeper & Royal BM17 horn
Added CrawlerBox HD transmission
Added lore-friendly top-tier engine
Additional wheels
Raised and Active suspension options
No region lock
Added winch points to stock utility mount
New frame add-ons
New low saddle
New visual and performance customization options
3 new paint options

I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER’s Off Road Trailers mod if you plan on using the new Raised or Active suspension options.

If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know. And if it’s something that needs to be adjusted, I will group things together and release a patch. Any reviews or ratings are also appreciated.

Version History:
Aug 19 2020 1.0.0
Release version
Pricing correction applied
Low Saddle position optimized

Aug 18 2020 0.9.0
Pre-release private test version



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