Fleetstar F2070A JBE V0.5 Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Fleetstar F2070A JBE V0.5 for SnowRunner

Haven’t done a tweak in a minute. I’m sure something needs adjusting or fixed. Let me know.

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Tweak List:
✔ Wide range of Frame Addons
✔ Default transmissions untouched but added JBE FineTune transmission
✔ 2 cab protector options, one with built-in backup lights
✔ Wide range of front bumper options
✔ This can tow/pull all trailers, including scout trailers
✔ Increased fuel capacity to 100 gallons
✔ Added a few more paint colors
✔ Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option (Permission to use)
✔ Added some Poghrim wheel/tire options (Permission to use)
✔ Bandit crane
✔ US Minicrane and Rear mounted RU Minicrane
✔ US and RU Big cranes
✔ Default suspension adjusted. Added Active, Raised and JBE Flex suspension
✔ Added an Autonomous Winch. (Longer and Stronger)
✔ Added LEDS to the steps
✔ More Snorkel and Exhaust options

Author: Jboosted



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