M916A3 Light Equipment Transport for SNOWRUNNER

M916A3 Light Equipment Transport for SnowRunner

These are my personal touches to the trucks I use. Simply uploading here to get around the initial.pak file getting overwritten. Might as well make them public.

The truck is broken in game. The front axle steers the wrong direction for a fraction of a second with input so I quickened up the speed and response to help compensate. Also the front axle is unstable at times and suspension settings act weird with different tires.

There are two upgraded suspensions. One for OHDI tires and one for the others. Took a lot of time tuning these to the best I think they can be.

Made the diff lock switchable because the front end is so light and tends to go straight.
Increased power for smooth drivability
455L/120G fuel capacity



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