Pacific P12 Uber Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Pacific P12 Uber for SnowRunner

I spent almost a week on this truck. I wanted to make it OP, and I did. But, then, I tuned it down.
But I think it still is imba.

So, basically, if you attach a cargo addon, it can go either with a minicrane, or a low saddle. Yes, you can basically haul 7 units of cargo. BUT, be careful with the trailer. OR download the offroad trailers mod.
I spent several days on tuning the suspension. And a day or two on setting up the addons. And another day to make sure that nothing is clipping or bugging through.

What Is Added:
Low saddle
Almost all the addons
3 bumpers (created for this truck, but you were not able to fit them due to mistakes in xml. I fixed it and added some quirks)
Ability to remove the damn annoying factory parking lights. Or buy and install them.
A beacon (same here as with the bumpers)
Raised suspension is now Tuned and, IMHO, it’s a piece of work.
Some pretty nasty wheels 😉
Reworked the factory snorkels. Now they actually, trucking, work.
Reworked the offset of some tires. As always, Flush AF.
New engine. The one that can actually reveal the truck’s full potential. But beware, this one’s gluttonous.
Stability improvements
Increased fuel tank (because, duh)

Factory bumper. It’s big and stupid.
Spare wheels. Were braking immersion. Hated, deleted.

I was not actually going to finish this mod, it was created only to develop my skills in understanding how the suspension works in this game. Plus, some xml editing.
But, as you can see I finally decided to release it.

This truck is expensive. All the good components for it are expensive. It burns through gas. It is eager to lose the attached trailers on complicated terrain. It is THICC AF.



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