Tayga SE Coop Version V2.0.1 for SNOWRUNNER

Tayga SE Coop Version V2.0.1 for SnowRunner

Use WinRAR to replace files. Always remember to create a backup of all the files you replace or modify.

This archive contains all modded files from my Tayga mod, this is supposed to replace base game files. Use only the files that you want.

2.0: Russian minicranes are highly modded as they are now at the back of the truck. Remind this before overwriting files.

For ex: don’t overwrite ‘engine” files if you don’t want base game engines to be changed.

(I’m not expert at all, this mod has been made by request. Feel free to point mistakes)

For fully safe use, try the subscribe mod linked above.



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tayga_se_coop.2.zip (40 KB)
Safe to download: VirusTotal