Tayga SE “Tigr” V2.1.2 for SNOWRUNNER

Tayga SE “Tigr” V2.1.2 for SnowRunner

This is my first mod ever, i opened my first archive for it. As i don’t know anything about coding, i compared files from other modders with base game files to understand how to tweak a truck.

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I Brought Those Changes To The Tayga :
Custom Colors.
Custom Engine.
Custom Gearbox.
Custom suspensions.
Custom RU and US mini Crane.
Added Bumpers.
Added Exhausts.
Modified Tayga Wheels. (+Large choice)
Custom Winch.
400 ltrs gas Tank.
Added rear steer. (+Improved global steering)
GMC sound base.

NEW IN 2.0:
Moved the Russian minicrane to the rear of the truck to allow flatbed + minicrane config.
To avoid strange addon clipping, the sparewheel is no longer supported with the rear crane on, but
Added same amount of fuel/repairs inside the custom rear Russian crane.
Slowed a bit the reverse speed of custom gearbox.
Slightly decreased custom tyres friction in some conditions.

NEW IN 2.1.0:
Added snorkel.
Added exhausts.
Added bumpers.
Added backseat sparewheel.
Added new addons. (Mini kung and maintainer)
Added new paints.
Reworked wheel choice. (Custom Tayga, MSH3, YAR, TUZ and offroad)
Custom tires pressure adjusted.
Added roof rack and lights.
Added visors.

I also would like to thanks Emilhetty and Bryaten for allowing me to use some parts of theirs codes.

From Emil:
Amazing offsets and wheel choices (A bit reduced).
Base Kung AddOn. (Modded by myself)
Spare wheel. (Modded by myself)
Some other cosmetic changes.
A chance to share what i’ve done.

From Bryaten:
Custom colors (A bit modded by myself).
Knowledge on how to get a rear steer by comparing his files.
A chance to share what i’ve done to.

Thanks A Lot To Both Of You Friends!



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