TUZ 16 SE “Krolik” V1.0.1 for SNOWRUNNER

TUZ 16 SE “Krolik” V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Tuz 16 is another truck able to work and to scout. Here’s a tweaked version of that great vehicle.
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I Brought Those Changes To The TUZ 16 :
Improved steering. (+ rearsteer)
Custom suspensions. (Active suspension to activate into UI menu)
AWD/Diff lock always on.
Added custom RU minicrane. (In rear position with the flatbed)
Custom paints.
Added snorkel.
Added roof rack.
Included mini tank/maintainer.
Added loadstar body and pickup.
Added wheels. (Custom AMHS tires + Chained tires)
Added bumpers.
Added exhausts.
Custom engine.
Custom gearboxes. (Scoutbox and Truckbox)
Custom winch.
Scout trailers, trailers and semitrailers (Low saddle only)
Other changes here and there.



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tuz_16_se.zip (28 KB)
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