Western Star 9000 Twinsteer Trailer (AWD | AWS) V3.1.1 Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Western Star 9000 Twinsteer Trailer (AWD | AWS) V3.1.1 for SnowRunner

This mod makes the WesternStar 6900 Twin a much better vehicle all round without being overpowered. See the versions below to see the changes made.

Version 2, 3.1, and 3.1.1 have 400L fuel, costs more to buy, 300 kg heavier, selectable AWD and the trailer attachment.

Siraij has also made a mod that is just the All-Wheel steering. Check it out here TwinSteer All Axles Steerable.

Works in COOP (if you install manually) but all people playing in the party need the mod installed to be visible/work for everyone otherwise only you will see it/have it working.

How to install the mod? I recommend manual installation.
Subscribe Is Working. There Is A Folder In The .zip For Manual Installation. Install MANUALLY To Use In COOP!

How To Manually Install (Recommended):
Close Your Game And Make Sure You Backup Your Original “initial.pak” File Before Starting!

1) Download and unzip the file. Make sure you have the latest WinRAR installed.
2) Go to your game directory (i.e. C:/Program Files/Epic Games/SnowRunner/en/_us/preload/paks/client) and open “initial.pak” with WinRAR (or changed to initial.zip but don’t forget to change it back to .pak after).
3) Go to [media] > classes
4) Open this mod file .zip with WinRAR. Double-click classes.
5) Drag & Drop the files you downloaded into the corresponding folders in your game directory and confirm the action with “OK” in the upcoming window without changing any values. It will overwrite the original file.
6) Start your game and enjoy it.

Version 3.1.1
Added paint function
Added subscribe function
Added 55″ and 63″ TMHS I (Tayga) Wheels

NOTE: The 63″ TMHS I wheels clip the steps on the front, this is only a visual issue and doesn’t affect the driveability of the truck in any way. This may be fixed in a future release.

Authors: bASher1991 & Gimbit


bASher1991 & Gimbit

ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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