Vehicles mods for SnowRunner

Best SnowRunner Vehicles Mods

Scout Tires Tweak

Scout Tires Tweak for SnowRunner

Installation Scout Tire Tweak : Go to your game Directory > en_us > preload > paks > client > open “initial.pak” with WinRAR and drop the [media] folder. +AllTerrain Tires Traction adjusted to reflect the tire model (now they are proper Allterrain) +Mud Tires better traction in mud (still says Excellent but its higher) +Offroad…

Download Scout Tires Tweak 

Volvo C303 / TGB – 11 V

Volvo C303 / TGB – 11 V for SnowRunner

Built on a robust chassis with portal axles, it is a popular choice for anyone that wants to carry people or light cargo across rough terrain. Used by both civilians and the Swedish military, it got the reputation of being an exceptionally capable off-road vehicle. It was even used in rally racing, where it won…

Download Volvo C303 / TGB – 11 V