Best Vehicles mods for SnowRunner

C.C.M. Dukw “Howard” V2.0

C.C.M. Dukw “Howard” V2.0 for SnowRunner

C.C.M. is Very proud to present “Howard” The DUK(W). Howard was a long and difficult restoration done at the C.C.M. Shop around 2009 or so. The build was kept simple and basic, the only upgrade would be a more relevant and easier to obtain parts for engine. Howard was in service after birth and then…

Download C.C.M. Dukw “Howard” V2.0 

C.C.M WC-54

C.C.M WC-54 for SnowRunner

C.C.M. is very proud to present the WC-54. The WC-54 is another restomod project built by the C.C.M. custom shop in the late 80’s it was actually built alongside the WC-52 in the same shop at the same time. the wc-54 features top load axles and a lift kit as well as engine upgrades, making…

Download C.C.M WC-54 

APC 6×6 Rhinoc

APC 6×6 Rhinoc for SnowRunner

APC 6×6 Rhinoc is a heavy army vehicle for reconnaissance and primary activities on the map. This is a valuable scout with many features. High max speed and powerful engine, offroad wheels and anti-skid chains, tall snorkel to cross rivers, custom radar to reveal the map (just avoid using it with default radar trailer together),…

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Dearborn Model H RUM Runner V1.2

Dearborn Model H RUM Runner V1.2 for SnowRunner

The Dearborn Model H Rum Runner is a custom rig by Hashwelder. It has a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. 13 color variations. Tires from modders: Poghrim, TnB BigDubz420, Quasi and Myself. The Truck Can Be Converted Into 4 Different Truck Types With 7 Different Suspension Sets: Crawler – susp sets (Crawler, Crawler…

Download Dearborn Model H RUM Runner V1.2 

ANK Plat4M V

ANK Plat4M V for SnowRunner

I figured with the TH357 in the game now, there needed to be another option to compliment it in the shipyard, factory, warehouse, etc. A simple little utility cart that can pack and move a single slot of cargo around. It is also able to be equipped with a small repair rack for trucks in…

Download ANK Plat4M V 

Hellion ISV Ride-On TOY V

Hellion ISV Ride-On TOY V for SnowRunner

Based On Extreme Popularity Of The M181 Hellion ISV In Retail Markets, The Licensing Team Decided To Get A Little Crazy And Let The Design Of The Hellion Get Turned Into A Ride-on Toy. Experience Childlike Wonder On A Fully Electric Novelty Version Of The Hellion! Some Features The Hellion “Toy” Has: Fully locked four…

Download Hellion ISV Ride-On TOY V