Hummer H2 Upgrades

Hummer H2 Upgrades for SnowRunner

Go to your game Directory > en_us > preload > paks > client > open “initial.pak” with WinRAR and drop the [media] folder. +Slightly increased Het/8V 6.2T Torque ✔ Het/8V 6,2T cost 400$ more +Roof rack increased fuel by 20. From 40 ->60 ( future update will try to add a 3nd fuel tank to the empty spot on the roof rank to make up for the fuel increase of the rack ) Im noob don’t know how to do it… (yet) If Anyone Can Help Me With Game Graphics Editing Plz Do!

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Ebul Ursel Airfield (AB)

Ebul Ursel Airfield (AB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Ursel Air Base (ICAO: EBUL) is a joint public/military airport located 10.2 km southwest of Eeklo near Ursel, East Flanders, Belgium. Features: Added some GA parking stands Added accurate taxiways Added night lighting Replaced runway with more accurate texture Replaced auto-gen buildings with standard models provided by MFS 2020 to better match real-life Replaced textures where applicable to match real-life situation Corrected terraform to get rid of uneaven terrain Install: Unzip the file and drag and drop into your Community folder

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Tilburg – City

Tilburg – City for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Scenery of Tilburg (inner city) This Time A Nice High Quality Rendition Of The City Of Tilburg. Color Corrected And Extremely Well Blended In The Surrounding Default Scenery With Great Performance. Including Real/default Water For Maximum Realism. Corrected Waters And Canals By Hand. Night Lighting For Famous Buildings Will Follow In A Later Update. I Tried To Find A Good Balance In Performance Vs Visuals So That’s Why The Focus Is On The Inner Part Of The City. Happy VFR Flying! Known Issues: ✔ Colors are corrected as far as possible but some textures can still be a bit off. ✔ Some buildings in the ‘binnenstad’ can be a bit sunken…

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50K Addons V2.8 [1.39]

50K Addons V2.8 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

✔ Legendary 50k-addons v2.8 for 1.39.x game version. ✔ 50k-addons for all trucks. V2.8: ✔ Updapte for 1.39 ✔ Added new slots for lights ✔ Fixed few bugs V2.7: ✔ Update for 1.38. V2.5: ✔ Added support for NextGen SCANIA 8×4. ✔ Fixed paintable bars uv mapping to better work with skins. ✔ Adapted to version 1.31. V2.3: ✔ Tweaked slots for horns (rotate a bit up, so horns do not intersect cabin). ✔ Added orange Hella LED Marker light. V2.2: ✔ Roof grills with only slots for NextGen SCANIA S. ✔ Added slots for lolipops on mirrors for NextGen SCANIA S. ✔ Added extra slots for beacons. V2.1: ✔ Kelsa…

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Lfsi – Saint Dizier Robinson, France V2.0

Lfsi – Saint Dizier Robinson, France V2.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hello, Download the zip (aerial and airport package) and unzip them within your MS Flight Simulator Community folder. ✔ “Aerial’ package is the satellite ground picture ✔ “Airport” package is the airport structure This Package Includes: ✔ ATC and ILS when available as published on the French SIA website. ✔ PAPIs as published (position and pitch) ✔ Approach, Runway, taxilight Lights as published ✔ Taxi signs are accurate ✔ An aerial which is the sattelite view of the ground (v2.0 and higher) Notes : ✔ This package is Navigraph compatible, no runway duplication, SID and STAR from navigraph available ✔ since MSFS update, multiple aerials can be deployed in the…

Download Lfsi – Saint Dizier Robinson, France V2.0 

Improvements Interior Mod V1.1 [1.39]

Improvements Interior Mod V1.1 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Sometimes little things are important elements of immersion in the game. So I decided to put my order in the interiors of ETS2 trucks a bit (ATS too). The main essence of the mod is not a fanatical increase in the number of polygons of some elements in interiors: on sensors, steering wheels, on mirrors. Only those elements that are in sight most of the time during flights are affected. The mod does not conflict with retexture mods, as well as with any mods with tuning that does not concern the 3D model of the cabin and some standard elements, such as mirrors. Warning: This mod it’s a beta version of…

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