Condor RV

Condor RV for Farming Simulator 19

Features: Dash animations You can enter it, The side door way is missing a collision so you can jump inside thru there. The model is VERY large and runs a shapes file error. Nothing to worry about, I am lowing the poly count as much as I can for the next update Nothing special yet…

Download Condor RV 

Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle Update V2.0 [1.39]

Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle Update V2.0 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle Bus Mod Bangladeshi BUS Mod Features: Real exterior and interior Real Suspension Real Sound Real DashBoard 10 Skin and Sticker Slot Supports 1.36-1.39 game versions Right-Hand driving Update 2.0 Changelog: 1. Soft/ Suspension Added 2. Interior LAG Reduced 4. 7 Different curtains Added 5. Real Engine Added ( Fast PICKUP )…

Download Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle Update V2.0 [1.39] 

Bergneustadt – “AUF DEM Duempel” – Edkf

Bergneustadt – “AUF DEM Duempel” – Edkf for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Bergneustadt airfield – Auf dem DuempelICAO-Code EDKF The very beautifully situated airfield in the Sauerland between Bigge and Aggertalsperre, now also in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airfield is realistic with all buildings, only hangars 1 and 2 are standard models. These will be replaced in a later version. The terrain (elevation model) is reproduced…

Download Bergneustadt – “AUF DEM Duempel” – Edkf 

Peterbilt 389 [1.39]

Peterbilt 389 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This MOD Adds the ATS Peterbilt 389 models with Full Support and Compatibility in ETS2 IMPORTANT OBSERVATION ✔ Without the BASE the mod WILL OPEN, but without the BASE you don’t have ATS original files support, so you can expect random crashes, depends on the situation. *Don’t forget to set the Base at the Top…

Download Peterbilt 389 [1.39] 

Quadra V-Tech 2077

Quadra V-Tech 2077 for Grand Theft Auto V

FEATURES High-Quality model Working dials Paint 1 body / Paint 2 body, and interior Paint 4 = Rims HQ Interior FiveM Ready 2 seater Horn = boost Add-on only Installation: .Addon : Drop quadra folder in modsupdatex64dlcpacks Edit dlclist.xml from updateupdate.rpfcommondata add this line dlcpacks:quadra

Download Quadra V-Tech 2077