Saudi Arabian [Patch 5]

Saudi Arabian [Patch 5] for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Saudi Arabian Airlines (الخطوط الجوية العربية السعودية) – now Saudia (السعودية‎ as-Suʿūdiyyah) operated domestic and international scheduled flights to over 85 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Based on the MegaPack v8 template, compatible with patch 5, new custom thumbnails

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Price Fixing

Price Fixing for Farming Simulator 19

Change the prices of shop items. Improve Game Balance. This script will let you change the price of shop items, configurations or fill-types. You can also hide an item from the shop, using a single configuration file. It is designed for those that want to change/hide items for balance reasons while still being able to update mods. It has great use for map makers as well. When the mod is started for the first time, it will create a PriceFixing.xml file in a “modsSettings” directory located in the same place as your “mods” directory. All changes are indexed by the XML definition file of the item. To help you find the…

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International Paystar 5070 V0.0.2

International Paystar 5070 V0.0.2 for SnowRunner

Added raised suspension, fully finetuned. Much better wheel travel and ground contact. Added almost every wheel options in the game. Added some bumpers and exhausts. Will add more in the future. Added 2 additional suspensions, 1 cargo edition and 1 much softer “rockcrawler” edition Added almost ALL tire options from the basegame, YAR 87, Tayga, Voron, Kolob, Cat etc. Added 3 bumper sets. Added 2 exhaust Increased fuel Capacity Tweaked center of gravity for raised suspension (nothing overpowered) TO DO LIST Add more engine options Add more cosmetics KNOWN ISSUES Small crane is heavy, will add a suspension option specifically for the small crane usage When Selecting DUAL Wheels At The…

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John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank

John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank for Farming Simulator 19

John Deere 2510h Implements used to apply liquid nutrients to crops before and after harvest using fertilizers and limestone –Price John Deere 2510H: € 110,436 –Capacity: 5500L Fertilizer limestone –Price TANK 2510H: 12000 € –Tank Capacity: 7570L –workingWidth: 11.5 –needed Power: 160 hp

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ALO Multigrab HD Pack V1.1

ALO Multigrab HD Pack V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

The silage grab forks from the Alö brand impress with their stable bottom and the well thought-out design of the tines. Changelog ✔ Multigrab 180 & 200 HD added ✔ New dirt- and wear-mask The Pack Contains The Following Three Models: Alö Multigrab 160 HD: Capacity: 800 liters Price: 2000€ Alö Multigrab 180 HD: Capacity: 900 liters Price: 2300€ Alö Multigrab 200 HD: Capacity: 1000 liters Price: 2600€

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M181 International Paystar 5070 “Nomad” -Enhanced V

M181 International Paystar 5070 “Nomad” -Enhanced V for SnowRunner

I got a very nice message selling me on some of the merits of the Paystar 5070 that really spoke to me, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. What I found was a very capable Off-Road truck. This trucks dials the off-road factor up. If the Kodiak “SuperTruck” is a “Heavy Scout”, this Paystar could be a “Very Heavy Scout” Changes Over The Stock Paystar Include: Handbrake on all axles Locked diffs Increased fuel capacity Truck spawns on P12 tires New winch options New suspension options Backup beeper New powertrain options Massively increased selection of wheels including tires by Quasimiyao Modified frame physics Modified lighting No…

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