Glider Aircraft

Glider Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Always wanted to try a glider in real life. So this is the next best option. No working cockpit or animations. Extract to the game’s “Community” folder. Ensure your extracted folder doesn’t have another folder (move it up if it does) And look for the aircraft in Aircraft Selection screen after a restart.

Download Glider Aircraft 

PS-12B V1.0.1.0

PS-12B V1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Semi-trailer PS-12B is designed for the transportation of bulk and solid cargo on all types of roads, including in the field. Can be completed with a loader auger. It is aggregated with tractors of traction class 3.0. ✔ Cost: 15 380 €; ✔ Choice of the main color; ✔ Choice of design color; ✔ Choice of rim color; ✔ Choice of configuration: grain board and hydraulic board for refueling seeders / MU spreader; ✔ Selecting a license plate; ✔ Choice of wheels; ✔ Volume: 18,000 liters; ✔ Dynamic hoses; ✔ Working lighting equipment; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Gets dirty and washed; ✔ Aging effect.

Download PS-12B V1.0.1.0 

Ural Next Limited Truck V17.10.20

Ural Next Limited Truck V17.10.20 for MudRunner

New “Ural”. Natural, so to speak, habitat among swamps, tundra and taiga. The main cabin module is taken from the Next Gazelle, it is assembled at GAZ and taken to Miass, where it is joined with the hood and plastic plumage. Designed in Nizhny Novgorod. Judging by the brutal result, young talents broke through into the creative team, and there was no one to tame them. The Author’s Model Was Created From Scratch. All Work In 3Dmax CASPER On My Order. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Thanks to iSavage for providing KUNG (from Iron_35rus) and CRANE (from Bezon) Those who wish to express their gratitude: Sber 2202 2004 8901 8026 Version 17.10.2020…

Download Ural Next Limited Truck V17.10.20 

Claas Celtis 456RX

Claas Celtis 456RX for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 30,000 euros ✔ Power: 100hp ✔ Max speed: 40km / h ✔ 1 tire brands available; Trelleborg (standard, standard + mass, wide, wide + mass and narrow tires) ✔ Optional beacons ✔ Optional charger ✔ Mass in options

Download Claas Celtis 456RX