Iveco Stralis 2002 V1.2

Iveco Stralis 2002 V1.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes In 1.2 Added animation of gas / brake pedals; Added 1800-degree steering wheel rotation animation; Added support for cables and improved rear mirrors; Improved lightmasks; Rebaked cockpit texture; Changed the standard position of the player inside the interior; Many improvements in the geometry of the interior and the truck; Texture improvements. The model is not very good, but there is no choice. The salon is terrible, but its own. The rear fenders are bad, as are the mudguards. In general, it is quite playable. With Regards To Adaptation For 1.38: There is no advanced hitch; No animation and sounds of windows; Sounds, engines and transmissions from the default Stralis; Normal…

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Scania R&S And 124G Brazilian Edit Update [1.38]

Scania R&S And 124G Brazilian Edit Update [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Scania R&S and 124G Brazilian edit Update for ets2 Update for ets2 1.38 Fixed several files that caused some errors Fixed rain that does not appear on the windshield and several other small problems that are barely noticed. now the download is straightforward no longer passes through note blocks as before. This mod is found in the mod dealership named RA.Mods Good fun to all.

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Meira (Moaña),Spain

Meira (Moaña),Spain for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Meira is a parish in the Pontevedra municipality of Moaña, in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. It is the largest of the parishes in the municipality. In October 1836, when the current town councils were established, that of Moaña was created under the name of Meira and has this parish as its administrative center. In 1874 the name of the municipality was changed to Moaña and its capital was moved. The parish of Meira, one of the largest in the municipality of Moaña, descends from Mount Faro de Domaio (630 meters above sea level) to the cove of Meira, on a low and sandy coastline very affected by the tides…

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Scout Tweak V1.2

Scout Tweak V1.2 for SnowRunner

another ****✔ tweak to the scout 800, just aimed to be a little more fun and more like an actual 4×4 vehicle, comes with a custom paddle tire i made although the texture is a little off having trouble figuring it out to be honest so if anyone has an idea…. just saying… anyways enjoy it if you try it

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OP-2000 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Spray capacity: 2000 l. ✔ Working speed: 20 km / h. ✔ Required tractor power: 30 HP from. ✔ Working width: 17 meters. ✔ Don’t leave a trace. ✔ Dust flies from under the wheels. ✔ Choose a base color. ✔ Gets dirty and washed.

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Feumotech Alligator 130

Feumotech Alligator 130 for Farming Simulator 19

Unfortunately, agricultural machines also occasionally catch fire. The risk of fire is particularly high with straw and hay balers. The Alligator 130 from Feumotech is a brilliant idea from Switzerland. The Alligator can be attached to the tractor’s front hydraulics and does not require an external connection such as a PTO or hydraulics. The Alligator 130 extinguishing system offers a good and quick solution to at least contain the fire until the fire brigade is on site. The system is up and running quickly with 129 liters of water and 1 liter of foam concentrate. Alligator 130: Price: 6200 € Category: Weights

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Toyota Innova Crysta V2.0 [1.38]

Toyota Innova Crysta V2.0 [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

– Rebuilt half of the modification entirely – Updated to game version 1.38 – Reconfigured engines (realistic specifications) – Reconfigured transmission (realistic specification) – Reconfigured chassis (realistic specification) – Chassis is RWD (Rear-Wheel-Drive) – Right-Hand-Drive car – Few models have been improved and edited – Fixed sound – Added more paintjobs – Removed unnecessary files ✔ STANDALONE * ✔ Has a few hidden features which can be unlocked if you know how to edit the mod *

Download Toyota Innova Crysta V2.0 [1.38]