LAW And Army Accessories V0.1

LAW And Army Accessories V0.1 for Red Dead Redemption 2

Law and Army Accessories 0.1 Adds Clothing Accessories For The Other Side Of The Law! MAKE SURE YOUR LENNY’S MOD LOADER IS LATEST VERSION Place LML folder into RDR2 folder and enable it in LML Mod Manager. Or place “Army and Law Accesories v0.X” file into lml. Swapped Items, More To Come: Bowler hats –…

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GUN Grips And Such

GUN Grips And Such for Red Dead Redemption 2

Available For Download: Legendary Grip Alph i made this as a test and for my playthrough and decided to share. I do not accept requests or suggestions. in fact I may not even fix bugs. Installation Lenny’s Mod Loader If the mod has a instal.xml in it then extract the mod in your lml folder…

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N7E Film(Ish) Graphics Preset

N7E Film(Ish) Graphics Preset for Red Dead Redemption 2

Simple preset I use for this game. Gives it a film-ish look. Check the screenshots for preset comparison. Also the video below is using this preset. Installation (if Your Game Is Using DirectX) : Remove previous Reshade files. Extract all files to the folder where the RDR2.exe game binary is located. The PageDown key toggles…

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Dappled Black Thoroughbred

Dappled Black Thoroughbred for Red Dead Redemption 2

Attention, this mod is just made for people who don’t have the special version of the game and would like to have the Dappled Black Thoroughbred horse. I made another mod where I release the warhorse for the steam versions of the game, be it normal or ultimate, however when I release the Dappled Black…

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Pixel Blush Cinematic Reshade

Pixel Blush Cinematic Reshade for Red Dead Redemption 2

Color and Contrast adjustments mostly. DOF that’s not too crazy. and widescreen bars. INSTALLATION: When you install reshade make sure that you check the boxes for “Standard effects”, “SweetFX by CeeJay.dk” and “qUINT by Marty Mcfly” for this to work. You can REINSTALL the reshade and hit update when asked and reinstall all these add…

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RDR2 ALL Chapter 1 Missions – ALL Gold – Start Of Chapter 2 – Barebones Series

RDR2 ALL Chapter 1 Missions – ALL Gold – Start Of Chapter 2 – Barebones Series for Red Dead Redemption 2

Included are save files for every single Chapter 1 mission, including Eastward Bound which leaves you at the very beginning of Chapter 2. Gold finishes throughout, as is the case with all my submissions. I still labeled it “Barebones” like my other submissions since absolutely nothing else has been done. Arthur hasn’t even shaved. Calling…

Download RDR2 ALL Chapter 1 Missions – ALL Gold – Start Of Chapter 2 – Barebones Series 

White Cavalry Gloves

White Cavalry Gloves for Red Dead Redemption 2

Makes one of the available / purchasable Cavalry gloves white. I fell in love with the cavalry gloves the army had on, but there isn’t any white cavalry gloves in the game! But now there is! Go to your nearest store that sells cavalry gloves and you should see them. Installation: Drop into RampageFiles/Streaming folder

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RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack

RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption 2

To use this mod you will need to download the Red dead radio mod Remembering that this will not replace the standard soundtrack of the game, you will only have an mp3 player within the game that you can play the songs from the Red Dead Revolver. To install you need to place the files…

Download RED Dead Revolver Soundtrack