Padu-Unalaska Airport V1.1

Padu-Unalaska Airport V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

PADU-Unalaska Airport, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Unalaska is your refueling station in the Aleutian Mountain Range on a long flight from Alaska to Asia. The islands harbour is named Dutch Harbour, also known from the tv seria “Deadly Catch”. The Airport has sceduled flights with both jet and propeller ac’s, and have a NDB and instrument procedures. If weather closes in on you during a flight across the Bering sea, PADU is the place to land. This scenery is created with the Microsoft SDK and stock objects only. Just unzip and put the padu folder into your MSFS Community folder. Enjoy your flight to Unalaska) JP GPS Coordinates: 53.898347, -166.543895

Download Padu-Unalaska Airport V1.1 

Realistic Lights Effect V1.1.0

Realistic Lights Effect V1.1.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This modification makes the truck/street lights behavior to feel more realistic. Changelog V1.1.0: – Reduced the texture size (possible game crash before : [mem] unable to get an empty memory block…) – New halo effect (better for days light) – Reduced the AI vehicle range – Reduced the AI glow effects in cabin (no more white emblems) Patch compatibility: 1.39.x; Older versions; Connection Order: This Mod Should Be Above Any Graphic Mod! Mod Compatibility: This Mod Works With All Graphic Mods! Visual Changes: Realistic light flares and light behaviour Realistic light reflection effects Realistic street lights Realistic semaphore lights Realistic traffic lights Realistic low beam Realistic high beam Realistic beacon flares

Download Realistic Lights Effect V1.1.0 

(S19) Smar’s Flex Park Map V30.11.20

(S19) Smar’s Flex Park Map V30.11.20 for MudRunner

This Map Is Jam-packed With Things To Do! Including Obstacles / Dirt / Crawling / Logging / Jumping / Racing / And Of Course Bending! I Really Hope You All Enjoy It! The models used are Nix / Tattoo / Forces / SmarOneNine. On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (open); ✔ 1 fuel station; ✔ 1 logging site + 1 loading point; ✔ 1 sawmill; ✔ 4 slots for cars (replaceable). Size: 320 x 320 meters.

Download (S19) Smar’s Flex Park Map V30.11.20 

Lfpv – Villacoublay Vélizy, France V2.1

Lfpv – Villacoublay Vélizy, France V2.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hello, Download the zip (aerial and airport package) and unzip them within your MS Flight Simulator Community folder. ✔ “Aerial’ package is the satellite ground picture ✔ “Airport” package is the airport structure This Package Includes: ✔ ATC and ILS when available as published on the French SIA website. ✔ PAPIs as published (position and pitch) ✔ Approach, Runway, taxilight Lights as published ✔ Taxi signs are accurate ✔ An aerial which is the sattelite view of the ground (v2.0 and higher) Notes : ✔ This package is Navigraph compatible, no runway duplication, SID and STAR from navigraph available ✔ since MSFS update, multiple aerials can be deployed in the…

Download Lfpv – Villacoublay Vélizy, France V2.1 

Cessna C208 ‘THE Grot’

Cessna C208 ‘THE Grot’ for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Cessana C208 Grand Caravan ‘The Grot’. A faded, weathered, well used, generic repaint for the default C208. Textures only. Any registration/tail number you like through the MFS Flight Planning/ATC Options. Installation is Drag and Drop to your Community folder. I have done a ‘once was Blue’ version of this as well, I’ll post it too if anyone is interested. Story… I fly with the NZA Simulations ‘OnAir Company’ VA, Highland Air Express in PNG.The boss KiwiDave has a keen eye for a bargin when purchasing aircraft, engine will be pretty sound, airframe and appearance not so important.So, my immersion imagination required a well used and dirty repaint of the C208 I…

Download Cessna C208 ‘THE Grot’ 

Utrecht – City

Utrecht – City for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The scenery of Utrecht (inner city) This Time A Nice High-Quality Rendition Of The City Of Utrecht. Color Corrected And Extremely Well Blended In The Surrounding Default Scenery. Including Real/default Water For Maximum Realism. Corrected Waters And Canals By Hand. Night Lighting Added To The Most Unique 3D Buildings. I Tried To Find A Good Balance In Performance Vs Visuals So That’s Why The Focus Is On The Inner Part Of The City. Happy VFR Flying! Known Issues: ✔ Colors are corrected as far as possible but some textures can still be a bit off. ✔ Some ‘binnenstad’ houses are a bit sunken into the ground but this is hardly visible…

Download Utrecht – City