Stuttgart 9110 “Safari” V

Stuttgart 9110 “Safari” V for SnowRunner

Picture It In Your Mind. It’s The Late 70s, Monaco. You’re Sitting On Your Rooftop Terrace And You Hear A Crackling In The Distance. Three, Two, One… Hairpin. It’s The Morning Of The Rally Monaco And You Can Hear The Flat Sixes Of Germany’s Rear-engined Rally Cars Sing. Capture That Moment In SnowRunner With The…

Download Stuttgart 9110 “Safari” V 

Hammer H-One V

Hammer H-One V for SnowRunner

Welcome to my 2nd ever custom made vehicle. Before you sits the Hammer H-One. I was able to apply what I learned on the mud truck and build off of that while still continuing to learn more and more about truck building. Sadly, I still dont have an interior cam position yet, but perhaps in…

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Gapa 6×6 Army Truck V

Gapa 6×6 Army Truck V for SnowRunner

Finally you got it. On numerous satisfaction, we created together with Bartas a mod of our amazing Czechoslovak 3-ton loader. We spent dozens of hours working on it – more than 80 hours? Then I didn’t even feel it ….. Many thanks to LUKAS RUSCAK, who provided the basic model, which we then modified into…

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MK63 V1.3

MK63 V1.3 for SnowRunner

This is my first mod before I go into the mod wanna say big thank u to iceberg101 for making this possible as he been a fantastic teacher and a good friend I recommend that if you wanna learn to mod speak to iceberg101 Big Thank to ukgamer808 and nirtoscot for there support alone the…

Download MK63 V1.3 

RNG TX Armored Truck Pack V

RNG TX Armored Truck Pack V for SnowRunner

As you all know my main goal as always is to make realistic replicas of modern day trucks. Well I decided with this one that I would make my own! The TX Armoured Truck takes references from military trucks from all around the world! As always every single part and piece and bolt has been…

Download RNG TX Armored Truck Pack V 

66 K10 Shop Truck

66 K10 Shop Truck for SnowRunner

Here she is, the first truck off the line from RedLine Creations (ok, it’s just me but it sounds cooler than my modio name). This ‘66 Chevrolet K10 shop truck is a loose recreation of Classic Car Studio’s C10 street truck ‘Tiffany’. It started as a kind of a ‘what if’ CCS built a 4X4…

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Limes F450 V

Limes F450 V for SnowRunner

This is the pc version of this truck. once it is done i will start the console version (2017 L400). This truck is fully customizable. Color changing lights 4 different grills with weighted versions Color changing rocklights Side steps 5 Exhaust options Dually fenders Lots of tire and rim options including dually tires and tractor…

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