Owned Feldbinder KIP Trailer Pack V1.3

Owned Feldbinder KIP Trailer Pack V1.3 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V 1.3 added support for upcoming Rigid Addon added some more strorage boxes added localization fixed AI traffic for ETS v1.38 fixed optical bugs Changelog V 1.2 compatibility with v1.37 added freight market and AI traffic support added 4axle variant for Scandinavia added tuning options for side tubes Changelog V 1.1 added ADR silo variant Separation of ADR freights from other freights added 4 different sets of custom rear lights (EP2, EP3, Vignal + Hella easyconn) added Custom license plate option added additional side protection variant with 1 large left slot only Changelog V1.01 Fixed various bugs for shadows, chrome boxes, face normals and icons A set of realistic models…

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Finalization Of The Standard MAZ 538

Finalization Of The Standard MAZ 538 for MudRunner

Refinement of the default Maz 538, was done for myself, I decided to share, maybe someone will come. Features: Redesigned engine, gearbox, chassis, wheels and many more minor changes; Carries 4-points of cargo; Also repair and fuel. I recommend using with Adega Mod. Installation: If you want forever, then move the files from the “forever” folder to the corresponding archives with replacement. And for temporary installation, files from the “temporary” folder should be placed in the media folder. For the mod to work, you need 2 DLS, _dlc_ridge and _dlc_usa About jambs and wishes, write, I will answer everyone.

Download Finalization Of The Standard MAZ 538