Muskoka Highlands V2.5

Muskoka Highlands V2.5 for SnowRunner

You need to be in the public test server to use the map at this time or you will not have missions or any of the new update items. If you start the level, back out to the main menu and restart the level you will have the dev tools to select your own trucks Update September 2 Added 3 new missions Added a new dirt oval Adjusted some roads Fixed a couple watchpoint animations Adjusted some mud thickness Not far from Highrock, Muskoka Highlands has some great views and a variety of different road types to offer. 17 missions will keep you running all over the countryside trying to pick…

Download Muskoka Highlands V2.5 

BUS Traffic Pack By Jazzycat V10.1

BUS Traffic Pack By Jazzycat V10.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Version 10.1 added new skins of Swedish and Norwegian real bus operators Pack adds in traffic 43 new models of buses with 1228 skins (Setra, Neoplan, Volvo, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Ikarus, Scania, Ayats, Irizar, Temsa, Irisbus, Jelcz, Karosa, Caetano, Optare). All standalone, works on any maps. Compatible with all my packs. Tested on version 1.38.x

Download BUS Traffic Pack By Jazzycat V10.1 


GPS RG PRO RED LED Dark V5.0 for American Truck Simulator

The mod is intended only for the basic SCS + DLC map (The fix for another map mod definitely shows up) Mod adds – complies with dx 11 – speed limiter LED – speed limiter changed position – changes colors – changes the look of a road adviser – smaller mirror size on the F2 key – new icons on the map Mod tested on version

Download GPS RG PRO RED LED Dark V5.0 

FWD Scout Pack

FWD Scout Pack for SnowRunner

FWD scouts with more paint some custom winch points here and there and more wheels and such Breakdown of changes —soft and hard and active suspension (tuning and more options to come) —lots of paint options (more to come) —powerless to Yeet engine options (tuning to come and more options) —slow to Yeet gearboxes (tuning to come) —few more wheels and soft ANK and BTR (more to come) —3 winch options (more to come) —winch points (planning for one on each bumper by the visual winch and one on the roof for tipping or untipping)

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