Mercedes Actros MP2 4.0 [1.38 – 1.39]

Mercedes Actros MP2 4.0 [1.38 – 1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

After a long time I got time for modding So after i got permission from ValheinXL I thought to update this MP2 to latest version 1.38 and 1.39 Changelog 4.0: updated to game version 1.38 & 1.39 updated compatibility to opening and closing windows integrated own V6 and V8 sounds through FMOD updated some pmg files (not all) added separate chassis and engine badges updated some missing textures Note There are three files for game versions 1.38 and 1.39 respectively Definitions_1_38.scs for game version 1.38 Definitions_1_39.scs for game version 1.39 Actros_MPII.scs is the base file Activate the base file then the def files according to your game version

Download Mercedes Actros MP2 4.0 [1.38 – 1.39] 

Realistic CAB View

Realistic CAB View for Farming Simulator 19

This simple mod is designed to add realism to the first person view from inside vehicles. It stops the player camera from spinning around multiple times inside the vehicle cabin. It also adds a small lean to the side (around the seat) when looking out of the rear window. Features: ✔ Rotation is limited +/-180 degrees when turning to look out of the rear window ✔ A small amount of camera movement is added to simulate leaning when looking over your shoulder ✔ The first person view is reset to a default forward facing position when re-entering a vehicle ✔ The features are not applied to conveyorbelts ✔ Tested with all…

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Northway And Chicken V1.1

Northway And Chicken V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Northway (PAOR) is the crossing point for all GA traffic into the United States from Whitehorse. All GA traffic travelling up the AlCan Highway and from Canada is required tro land at Northway as this is the first airport with Immigration and Border Control services. Northway also serves as a Flight Service Station for the Fairbanks region of Alaska. All air traffic in the area receive services from Northway, including, but not limited to weather reports. Several bush services provide scheduled service to and from Northway. The other airport included in this pack is Chicken (CKX) Chicken sits on one of the most active gold mining areas in Alaska and sees…

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Ybaf – Archerfield V0.1.0

Ybaf – Archerfield V0.1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

YBAF (Archerfield) Major regional airport in Brisbane, Queensland. Added- fences (at ends of runway – not complete)- Runway gables, markers and taxiway cones- Fuel depot- Hangers at the western end of Runway 10/28- Approximate Parkridge Water Tower replacement- Target + Parkridge POI – (target image not yet added) ✔ Tower (slightly different model, slightly wrong location) ✔ will be fixed when I know how to model and import Fixed- Vegetation partway along 04/22 on western side FUTURE RELEASE GOALS ✔ Model of main terminal building ✔ Fix taxiway names to match real-life ✔ model of park ridge water tower + photogrammetry of railyards for Gatton approach point. ✔ TV towers with…

Download Ybaf – Archerfield V0.1.0 

L’Alpe D’Huez Lfhu Touch-Up

L’Alpe D’Huez Lfhu Touch-Up for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The default LFHU left some to be desired, so I touched it up using existing in-game assets and runway elevation data from charts. This altiport in the Western French Alps serves the famous ski area, cycling race climb, and hiking area of Alpe d’Huez, and features a challenging sloped runway similar to Courchevel. Features in this scenery include adjust terraforming to reflect real-world terrain, custom vegetation lining the runway and threshold areas, and scenery objects to model the hangars, control tower, and airport cafe.

Download L’Alpe D’Huez Lfhu Touch-Up 

Krone Swadro Pack

Krone Swadro Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Krone Swadro Pack ✔ SWADER The Krone Swadro series is a rake series of 4-15 meters, it does not require a lot of power. This pack contains 3 rakes with a working width of 4.6-14.8 meters. Included In The Pack: –Swadro 462: Price: € 6,250 Working width: 4.6 meters Required power: 50 hp –Swadro 900: Price: € 43,500 Working width: 9.3 meters Required power: 70 hp –Swadro 1500: Price: € 78,000 Working width: 14.8 meters Required power: 110 hp

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