Magirus KLF

Magirus KLF for Farming Simulator 19

Functions: Animated doors 3D expansion Ambient lighting via Simple-IC Skin selection Mittelberg Koenigsberg Martin’s horns Electric horn using the‘ Num7 ’key Landhorn via key‘ Num8 ’ Pneumatic horn using the‘ Num9 ’key Required Mods: Simple-IC Universal Passenger

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Build A Subdivision

Build A Subdivision for Farming Simulator 19

BUILD A SUBDIVISION With this mod you build a SUBDIVISION i made this mod for fun please You got to play step by step ONE put 5 Pallets of PvcPipe 80000 TWO put 5 Pallets of ConcretePipe 80000 THREE put 160000 of Concrete FOUR put 10 Pallets of CONCRETE BEAM = 160000 FIVE put 10…

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NEW Currencies V1.1

NEW Currencies V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Mod that adds new currencies, not originally available in the game: (Brazilian Real, Chinese Yuan, Czech Koruna, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, Polish Zloty, South Korean Won, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia).

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Sicma RW 520

Sicma RW 520 for Farming Simulator 19

Very heavy Rotary tiller, 240/280 hp, PTO 1000 rpm, weight 2980 kg. With this tool you can plow and cultivate at the same time, if you need to expand your field just simply enable the function. Working width: 5.2 m Price: 16500 $ Power: 250 hp / 184 kW

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Command Vehicle Fire Brigade Rosenholz

Command Vehicle Fire Brigade Rosenholz for Farming Simulator 19

FIRE DEPARTMENT ROSENHOLZ Rescue. Extinguish. Rescue. Protect. Here presents the fire brigade Rosenholz* in cooperation with Jürgen.Neumann the new command vehicle in the fire brigade Rosenholz design. We hope you have fun with this mod and can successfully complete the one or the other emergency. Controls: Use the Pos1 button to turn on the rescue…

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Mysslingen Map

Mysslingen Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Mysslingen, Sweden. A map project by SimulatorModding NL. Some Of You May Know That We Used The Mysslingen Map In Our Videos Back For FS15. Now It’s Converted To FS19 And A Release Is Coming! Mysslingen is a Swedish based map. It contains 3 different farms, a harbour, very small village, sawmill and…

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MAN TGX Transporter

MAN TGX Transporter for Farming Simulator 19

The MAN TGX Transporter is used to transport vehicles and Cargo such as Bales, Pallets, etc. The Following Shop Options Are Available: Color Changes: Cabin, Body, Rims, each in gloss and metallic Engine: 640 hp, 880 hp Tires: Lizard, Nokian Bullbar: No, Yes, with light Roofbar: No, Yes, with light Sun visors: Small, Large Sun…

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