MTZ-80 Tractor V1.8

MTZ-80 Tractor V1.8 for SnowRunner

Characteristic: 1. Does not replace anything. Tested on SnowRunner. 2. There is an animation of the steering wheel, suspension, exhaust, levers, fan and mud flaps. 3. There are several addons and trailers. 4. High permeability. 5. You can carry several types of goods. Version 1.8 For SnowRunner (v10.1): ✔ Added 2 red tractors; ✔ Added a flasher and a trailer; ✔ Added 2 stickers on the back. glass; ✔ Adjusted the blade control sensitivity.

Download MTZ-80 Tractor V1.8 

Temsa Safir Plus 2018 V2.5

Temsa Safir Plus 2018 V2.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Temsa Safir Plus 2018  Innovation! WARNING: You can set the lights on the keyboard to turn on the Inner Ceiling Warning Light. What’s Added? Animation Handbrake and phosphors added. Interior Cockpit Light Renewed. Led sign post is being added. Black and Blue Temsa Logo accessories have been added. Added Inside Luggage Case. Luggage and Door Slot has been added. Headlight Glass Brightness Renewed. Lightmask has been resolved. Passengers Added. Skin and Cover were added. Its interior ceiling is added. New alcao Renewed Cockpit Ao and Plastic wrap added. Reworked sounds to Fmod feature. Added Normals Cover for headlights and seats. Tachograph and Clock Really Added. The windscreen wipers have resolved. External…

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55 Castles In French Dordogne

55 Castles In French Dordogne for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The French Dordogne is famous for its castles, coming from the one hundred years war with England (1337 – 1453) Most of them are private, some are museums. See The Readme.txt In The Archive: Contains 3 folders to install and see also the file FR-Dordogne-Chateaux.kmz to position the POI on Google Earth. Enjoy at sunrise or sunset under 130Kts, the monuments are illuminated …

Download 55 Castles In French Dordogne 

Map Animals

Map Animals for Farming Simulator 19

Building for cow, sheep, pig, hen but also a large meadow for cows and a large meadow for the montons. Numerous crops available. Production of pellets with palletization. One map among others … (Be indulgent I’m retired it’s just a hobby)

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Pack MAZ RSK V for SnowRunner

In pack 2, maz one will mainly act as a truck tractor, their odons will grow a little later, have their own wheels, stickers, prescribed a tap from a bandit looks a little incorrect, but I will make my own similar pair of odons spelled out from kraz technical assistance, tank

Download Pack MAZ RSK V