H2 Tweak V1.1

H2 Tweak V1.1 for SnowRunner

just another ****✔ tweak done to the hummer this time, nothing added other than the apache tires(the mud tires look so much better on this rim), my two paddle tires, and the transmission from my scout mod. the suspension and engines are different from the scout but probably feel close to the same because thats how i like my scouts to feel. color options are straight copy pasted from the scout

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Dynamic Suspension V1.0.2

Dynamic Suspension V1.0.2 for American Truck Simulator

Changelog 1.0.2: Fixed Problem With Missing Sounds For: air brake air cutoff reverse lift axle hook attach hook detach trailer cables This modification makes truck behavior to feel more realistic with Steering Wheel or Keyboard. This mode have “Realistic Steering with Keyboard” included. It allows you to make smooth turns on high speed without overturn the truck even if you use realistic suspension settings, in this case “Dynamic Suspension”. The Steering Become Harder When Switching Direction And Increasing Speed. It Is Less Harder When Is Stationary, Ideal For Parking! Braking is a important factor in simulation and also I made some improvements, helping keyboard users also. Now braking is progressive and…

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Enhanced CAT 745C “Wendigo” M181 V1.0.2

Enhanced CAT 745C “Wendigo” M181 V1.0.2 for SnowRunner

A creature of terrifying ferocity. Muscle over a skeleton, and nothing more. The Wendigo is a creature to be feared. And this CAT 745C is built in that respect. Overhauled add-ons, upgraded drivetrain, and increased water fording ability make this a beast of unstoppable proportions. Round out your M181 Enhanced fleet with this monster. I’ve added a new top-tier engine to the CAT, as well a bunch of other options to make your 745C look different that the others, and more capable as well. Changes Over The Stock CAT 745C Include: Revised drivetrain pattern (now switches between R-4WD and A-6WD) Handbrake on all axles Improved steering responsiveness Locked diffs Realistic fuel…

Download Enhanced CAT 745C “Wendigo” M181 V1.0.2