Graneleiro Librelato ECO+ 2020

Graneleiro Librelato ECO+ 2020 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

✔ Custom colors; ✔ HD/4K textures; ✔ 2 chassis options ( ls / 8×2 ); ✔ 2 types of side protection (fixed / movel ); ✔ 2 optional bumper band (common / square ); ✔ 3 optional board (LIB2K20 / JVE1J95 / SBG 1J97 ) ✔ 4 optional height (original, height 1,2 and 3 ); ✔ Directional arrow; ✔ Full-size templates (based on blueprint).

Download Graneleiro Librelato ECO+ 2020 

Boeing 747-8I AIR France (F-AF747)

Boeing 747-8I AIR France (F-AF747) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Because I didn’t find a 747-8 version for Air France, here is one. I’m not a graphist or a designer, so it’s a minimalist version of the old (and retired) 747-400 of Air France. Notes : Asobo built 747-8 template without mirroring capabilities between the 2 sides. It means that you will find on all 747-8 liveries that the right side of plane has inverted logos.

Download Boeing 747-8I AIR France (F-AF747) 


Blackpool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

My first attempt at Blackpool . It was so difficult to get the front right . There is a lot of room for improvement on this and future releasess will improve it . However its certainly an improvement on the generic scenery which does not even have the tower .

Download Blackpool 

NO Limits Mod V1.2 For Special Transport DLC

NO Limits Mod V1.2 For Special Transport DLC for American Truck Simulator

FEATURES With This Mod, You Can Deliver Oversized Cargoes On Special Transport DLC’s Own Special Routes Without Speed Limits/escort Vehicles! – No escort/pilot vehicles. – No 60 km/h speed limit. – Steam Achievements support. You can still earn achievements about Special Transport DLC when using this mod. ✔ This mod doesn’t remove special routes of the DLC. Driving away from the route is not allowed, as in the DLC. ✔ This mod doesn’t work without Special Transport DLC. You must have installed and activated the DLC. UPDATE NOTES Update 1.2 Released. Changelog: – Added support for 1.39 update. SUPPORTED GAME VERSION v1.39.X

Download NO Limits Mod V1.2 For Special Transport DLC 

Swiss Airfields V0.5

Swiss Airfields V0.5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A small but growing collection of small GA airfields in switzerland to improve on the very limited fidelity of the fields included in FS2020. The fields are all in one package (with separate BGLs for each airfield) to reduce community folder clutter and dependency issues for common assets. At this stage the focus is on function and accuracy, and not (yet) on custom objects eye candy. List of airfields LSZV Sitterdorf LSPH Winterthur LSPG Kägiswil LSZT Lommis Coming soon: LSZK Speck Installation: Just unpack the zip in the community folder. PS: This is intended to be a community project – a corresponding github repository has been set up from the start….

Download Swiss Airfields V0.5 

Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed V1.1 [1.39]

Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed V1.1 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes Compatibility with 1.39 game version. This mod aims to build a accurate model of the S.KO refrigerated trailer. The old mod some serious inaccuracies that made any adjustments and fixes hard to do, so the decision to start from scratch was made. Almost everything has been built anew, including a completely new chassis with equipment, much more accurate dimensions and much better modularity. This will make adding and fixing things easier. Features: Trailer ownership support Fully stand-alone Solid and panelled side wall types Double and quad lock rear doors Advanced coupling Animated landing gear Skin-able Liftable axle Realistic weight & dimensions Cable physics support Support for SCS license plates as…

Download Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed V1.1 [1.39]